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Formation of the cultural consciousness is an essential condition and effective way to improve all areas of life. In the best traditions of Russian patronage, U-Art: You and Art helps to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage.

Cultural Charitable Foundation U-Art: You and Art, founded by private collectors Tamaz Manasherov and Iveta Manasherova, supports international cultural events, combines the efforts of all art lovers for the worldwide promotion of the multinational Russian and world culture, as well as for promotion of the development of science, enlightenment, and education.

The organization contributes to the study of contemporary art and supports projects aimed at the formation of the actual phenomena of contemporary culture and art.

17 April 2010
Laureates of the Modern Art award were named on 15th of April in the Baibakov Art Projects room in the territory of «Red October» factory. Annual competition «Innovation» is a unique event, this award is the only state award for modern Russian artists.
25 February 2010
On November 26th 2009 in the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum a large exhibition project "The First PhotoBienniale of the Russian Museum" has started.
The exhibition was organized with the support of the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, the charity-cultural foundation U-Art: You and Art and the Unident company.
22 February 2010
On November 17 the timed to the opening of the exhibition «Lado Gudiashvili. The Paris Years. 1920-1925» vernisage took place at the State Tretyakov Gallery.
29 October 2009
There was a gala opening of Oscar Rabin retrospective exhibition Tree Lives, the nonconformist and the classic of Soviet unofficial culture at the State Tretyakov Gallery on October 28, 2009. Oscar Rabin's pictures, whom European critics called Soljenitsin in Art, truly and expressively reflected feelings of society of 60-70 years. However the creation of the painter does not lose their actual speech to the present time.
17 April 2009
On Saturday, 4th April, awarding of winners of IV annual All-Russian contest «Innovation» took place at «Tsekh Belogo» at the territory of Modern Art Center «Vinzavod».
26 February 2009
Opening of Oscar Rabin's exhibition organized by the Tretyakov Gallery and cultural foundation U-ART. 
25 February 2009
Our life is full not only with business events. We are meeting interesting people everyday...
08 February 2009
Dina Vierny, the owner of one of the foremost Paris galleries and once the source of inspiration of famous Frenchof sculptor Aristide Maillol has died at the age of 88 in France. After Maillol's death, Dina Vierny collected the work of Maillol and dozens of his contemporaries, including Matisse and Bonnard, Marcel Duchamp, Wassily Kandinsky, Ilya Kabakov and Vladimir Yankilevsky. These works are now displayed at the MusЁ¦e Maillol in Paris.
21 January 2009
Mart (Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto) celebrates the centenary of Italy's leading avant-garde movement by taking a fresh look at it in an exhibition, reconstructing its development within the historical context of the early 20th century.
27 March 2008
On 26th March in Moscow club B1 MAXIMUM the gala presentation an awards in the field of the modern art - Innovation has taken place. UNIDENT and U-ART were partners of this of event.

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