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Formation of the cultural consciousness is an essential condition and effective way to improve all areas of life. In the best traditions of Russian patronage, U-Art: You and Art helps to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage.

Cultural Charitable Foundation U-Art: You and Art, founded by private collectors Tamaz Manasherov and Iveta Manasherova, supports international cultural events, combines the efforts of all art lovers for the worldwide promotion of the multinational Russian and world culture, as well as for promotion of the development of science, enlightenment, and education.

The organization contributes to the study of contemporary art and supports projects aimed at the formation of the actual phenomena of contemporary culture and art.

06 March 2015
An exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Serov opened in the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. More than two hundred and fifty paintings, graphics and sculptures selected for the exhibit named “Serov, other than a portrait painter”, make the audience take a fresh look at the artist’s creative development. The exhibition is hosted under the auspices of UNIDENT group of companies and “U-Art: You and Art” fund.
12 January 2015
Edin Karamazov, Bosnian musician, came to one of the Vivacello festival concerts. Seemingly, there is nothing unusual in this sentence – musicians of world renown tend to give concerts in various countries of the world. But as it turned out, this story is full of surprises.
27 November 2014
From November 11 to 24, 2014 the Sixth international festival Vivacello took place. Six concerts, six halls and evenings widely different in the mood and atmosphere. The festival gathered world-renowned musicians, among which, certainly, not everybody is a cellist.
10 October 2014
Vivacello festival is always a revelation. It will take place for the sixth time already this year, and of course, people expect the programme to be as much as impressive and vivid as before. World-renowned cellist Boris Andrianov, art director of Vivacello, speaks of the forthcoming festival, musicians who would come to Moscow, concerts and opening nights.
24 September 2014
The Moscow Museum of Modern Arts presents a large-scale retrospective of a master of drawing and painting Vasiliy Ivanovich Schukhaev. UNIDENT and a cultural charity fund U-Art: Art and You are strategic partners of the exhibition.
09 April 2014
Russian competition Innovation is becoming every year more and more important for Russian artists, art critics and cultural workers. A greater number of applications is received, the competition is extending and media attention to it is growing. But, in spite of that, the current celebration took place in a small platform in the Moscow Museum in nearly home atmosphere, compared to the previous celebrations.
16 November 2013
The closing concert of the Festival held in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall on November 16, was dedicated to the memory of Daniil Shafran, the great cellist, the brightest representative of the Russian cello school who would be 90 this year. The event was attended by such world-renowned cellists as Giovanni Sollima, Alexander Rudin, Boris Andrianov, David Geringas and the unique countertenor Oleg Bezinskikh. The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra directed by the Italian conductor Gianluca Marciano also performed. The program included pieces by Kancheli, Tchaikovsky, Sollima and Martin. At the concert, the audience could hear Amati's cello made in 1630, which Daniil Shafran played his entire creative life.
16 October 2013
On the 3rd of November, the performance of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory will open the Fifth Festival «VIVACELLO». One of the world’s famous bands led by Stefan Vladar will mark the beginning of a number of concerts by the eminent musicians that will be performed at the best Moscow sites for a fortnight.
15 April 2013
At the ceremony of awarding the winners of the VIII All-Russian Contemporary Visual Art Competition “Innovation” the best art projects of the past year were announced. On April 9, the Manezh central exhibition hall housed artists, art experts, supervisors and people interested in what is going on in the Russian contemporary art.

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