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8 November 2021

Our call is very important to you

As you know, the greatest business benefit comes from a patient who does not leave you forever. Successful clinics earn up to 80% of their revenue on return visits. The base of repeat patients is a huge resource, and experts say that millions are buried in it, but is it so easy to dig them up?

“Sometimes work with the base is delegated to random people who dismiss it. In fact, making calls is very important, and you need to prepare for each call. Looking out for the full name is not enough, — Alina is sure. — It is worth opening the medical record and reading the comments about the patient, imagining him, focusing on age and gender, and how to conduct preliminary communication. Then form a proposal, which will sound interesting for the state of the patient and — care! It is impossible to develop a single script or a checklist for database calling. I have had over 9 thousand consultations, and none of them is like the other."


Head and Founder of the School of Medical Services of the Poluyan Consulting Group

Alina Poluyan emphasizes: “It is important to take into account that an invitation for a check-up is one conversation, a patient's return is quite another, and continuation of treatment is a third. For example, to return a patient who came to the clinic, but did not stay for treatment (which means they will go to competitors), it is better to call the next day. Find out the reasons for leaving — get the most valuable information for the clinic. It is worth asking how they are doing, and the patient begins to open up, explains that they will not come, since there is no way to pay for the visit. And you see that in fact this can be done later, since they may have different treatment plans, and if it is kindly explained to them, the person will change their mind and come again.

In some clinics, a curator works with patients, this specialist (not a doctor or an administrator) makes sure that the patient's stay in the clinic is as comfortable as possible. They are a friend and an ally, and if they work competently, the patient stays with you for many years. «

The modern patient appreciates the service and is ready to pay for it. The patient pays attention to an individual approach, expects that you are ready to provide them with help not only physical, but also psychological. People go to people. The contact center of the clinic is not just managers for choosing the time of the visit, it is a care service, they get to know them and create a trusting relationship.


 in Russia patients make an appointment without calling the clinic


It is noteworthy that patients still ask the same questions as 20 years ago: “Is the doctor young? Are they good? Whom do you recommend? » And it is wrong to answer: “All our doctors are good".

“Today is the time for marketers and the time for sales. Yes, the patient pays for the treatment. But it is important not to lose human contact with them, it is important to continue to be their psychological support. I spend more time than a salesteam, but I see that it works, — Alina Poluyan shares her secrets. «I am for an emotional connection with the patient, this is the most powerful tool.»

The expert believes that if, when working with the base of secondary patients, you do not reach the conversion rate of 80%, it is necessary to analyze each stage of the work — and there will be an answer. It is important to listen to calls. It is important to refer to your own experience. It is important to train employees. You may have the most up-to-date equipment and a professional team, but the new receptionist does not know how to correctly answer the primary patient.


1. Illiterate broadcast of the message. Administrators need to be trained in the ability to conduct a dialogue with the client, their communication skills are very important!

2. Formal calls. A conversation without an internal message to take care of the patient is burning out the base.

3. The administrator is afraid of being intrusive. It seems to them that they are engaged in unnecessary advertising, the patient hears it and wants to get rid of it faster.

4. Irregular work with the base. It is necessary to build a systematic work, determine the number of calls per month and be sure to analyze the reporting on them.

Continuing the topic, we propose to get acquainted with a different view of what is happening in the modern client dental service. Sergey Fedosov, co-founder and head of ProDoctorov, the #1 doctor reviews site in Russia, shares his opinion.


Candidate of Medical Sciences

“The experience of the ProDoctorov service suggests that in Russia more than 30% of patients make an appointment without calling the clinic. Approximately 200 thousand people a month and 2.5 million a year choose it because it is so convenient for them. The request for a real online appointment is expected to be higher in large cities. For example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, million-plus cities, about 50% of patients use such a record. In small towns it is less, 10–20%, and the smaller the town is, the less such a demand is, which is undoubtedly connected with the penetration of technologies. However, year after year, we see that this trend is gaining momentum in both large and small towns."

According to the expert, today a clear request has been formed: the relationship with the clinic should be made online. Modern patients do not want to call the call center, they need to see the schedule of their doctor, look in the Google calendar, what is in their own schedule, understand when it will be convenient to go, and sign up through the website, and do this at any time of the day.

After the patient has attended the appointment, it would be ideal to connect him to the MIS, the information system that the clinic has. There they will be able to see the appointments of his doctor, the date and time of the next visit, a reminder and an explanation of what to take with him or to do the day before.

At the same time, patients want to see an integral, comprehensive approach in the work of dentistry, they want to be in the field of attention of the clinic. Therefore, a reasonable decision on the part of the clinic would be to make a call a few days after the appointment to find out if everything went well at the appointment, how the patient is feeling, and whether they are satisfied with the visit. “This story can be immediately transferred to messengers, it also works,” says Sergei Fedosov. «But calling to offer a promotion is almost tactless and is perceived as spam.»


In the modern world, a call without prior agreement sounds unceremonious, so it is logical to use the telephone as a communication channel, only to communicate something important. A call six months later (which was not agreed upon) will look like an advertisement, not a concern. If there is an agreement on informing, the call will not cause rejection. If not, it is better to limit yourself to a message in the messenger or SMS, this will not cause irritation.

The patient's customer experience begins to form from the very first contact with the administrator, website or call center. And good experience is the guarantee of a patient's commitment to a particular clinic and its specialists for many years.


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