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13 January 2022

International symposium on laser dentistry to be held in the capital

Unident and Biolase invite specialists to attend the International Symposium on Laser Dentistry in Moscow on 11−12 February 2022. One site will offer knowledge about the use of lasers from the world leaders in laser dentistry.
The course consists of lectures and practical exercises.


1. Laser in surgical dentistry

Minimally traumatic approaches to the maxillofacial region using lasers in implantology, periodontics and peri-implant treatment.

Lecturer: Dr. Saleh Aria (England)

2. Endodontics in one visit, lasers in endodontics

Lasers in endodontics are the vanguard of a new generation of endodontics. The use of the concept is the next generation of endodontic treatment. The use of the laser concept.

Lecturer: Dr. Isaac Kably Mizrahi (Mexico)

3. Biophotostimulation in dentistry

Low-intensity laser therapy in dentistry. Refractive handpiece

Lecturer: Dr. Maria Pilar Martin Santiago (Spain)

4. Laser applications in restorative dentistry

Laser technology in minimally invasive dentistry. Modern approach.

Lecturer: Dr. Nancy Chemaly (Lebanon)

Use of lasers in the preparation of carious and non-carious cavities, direct pulp coating, adhesive protocol. Clinical and scientific approach. Lasers in orthopedic dentistry.

Lecturer: Dr. Julia Kozlova (Russia)


* Read more about the symposium here https://www.biolase-lasers.ru/simpozium2022

* For participation, please call 8 (903) 629−34−33 or e-mail k.kaptilov@unident.net


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