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29 September 2021

CARESTREAM DENTAL: Experience of the Past, Looking into the Future

Carestream Dental, USA, is a world-renowned manufacturer of dental and medical imaging systems, diagnostics and IT solutions.

Carestream Dental's innovative digital lines of systems and software make the work of dentists around the world more efficient and easier — this is both the mission and the value of the company.
Intraoral and extraoral equipment for dental practice and CAD/CAM systems, software for image analysis — with the help of these devices and software, over two billion images are taken per year for accurate diagnosis of patients.

Experience. History

Carestream entered the market 14 years ago, but its origins date back to 1896. It was then that Kodak developed the first X-ray media. With the development of business, the company found application of its technologies in various areas of business, including medical. Kodak equipment and photographic materials are known all over the world — these are X-ray equipment, and developing machines, and laser cameras, and X-rays.

Leading expert of X-ray equipment department UNIDENT:

— The main quality of the 8100 and 8100 3D Carestream panoramic tomographs is a high-precision 3D image, which they form almost instantly. Cephalometric technology allows you to take a 2D image with excellent quality. At the same time, the devices operate in a mode of reduced radiation doses, which is important for the health and safety of patients.

In the 60s of the last century, Trophy Radiologie devices have appeared on the dental market. The new company presented the world with the first digital intraoral sensor, the first timer for an X-ray machine and many devices based on the principles of radiovisiography — X-rays, in which an image is transmitted to a monitor. And also a device that allows you to make an X-ray around the skull, and many others.

Another company contributed to building the Carestream brand  — the American firm PracticeWorks, known in the market for its innovative developments in the field of software for dental clinics and offices. In 2003, Kodak acquires PracticeWorks along with Trophy Radiologie. Through this integration, Kodak Health Group is entering the market with a complete dentist package, including both hardware and software. And a significant event in the formation of the company is its separation: in 2007 Onex Corporation acquires control over Kodak Health Group and launches the Carestream Health brand.

Experience. Technologies

The company with 125 years of history under its belt in 2021 formulated a new approach to dentistry, a new philosophy — in the Carestream Dental Factor software. The program is based on three key concepts: diagnostic excellence, workflow integration and humanized technologies. In other words, the equipment must provide high image fidelity, be part of the overall clinical system, and meet patient expectations for service.

These ideas are reflected in the lines of panoramic tomographs CS 8100 and CS 8100 3D — equipment that is suitable for addressing any dental goals.

• ENDODONTIC TREATMENT. High-resolution 3D images — up to 75 microns — help visualize complex anatomy, hard-to-reach canals and the presence of trauma. This simplifies the diagnostic process, shortens treatment time and provides the clear, detailed images required for a complete clinical picture of each case.

• IMPLANTOLOGY. Cone Beam Tomography (CBCT) systems provide a wide field of view to cover all indications for implant placement. Our comprehensive software simplifies implant planning and helps increase patient confidence in the reliability of treatment.

• MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY. Cone Beam Imaging helps identify many of the variables needed to successfully perform maxillofacial surgery.

• ORTHODONTICS. CBCT is an excellent complement to 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging. The versatile extraoral imaging solution allows you to quickly create digital models and inform patients about the treatment process.


The 8100 and 8100 3D are Carestream Dental's most successful devises, combining 2D panoramic technology, powerful CBCT imaging and 3D model scanning with an optional cephalometric imaging module.


The CS 8100 line is super compact, suitable for any clinic. Easy to install, learn and use, it is the ideal system for daily general practice that can meet the orthodontic, panoramic and cephalometric needs of the dentist.

The CS 8100 3D product line covers nearly all physician and patient needs, providing all instruments through a single imaging system that makes 3D technology accessible to everyone.

More than 12,000 devices have already been installed in dental clinics around the world, they are actively used and appreciated for:

  • the most detailed high-quality images;
  • lowest dose of radiation;
  • easy-to-use software tools.

Chief physician, orthopedic dentist, implantologist, Stom-Dart clinic

— “We work with both Kodak and Carestream equipment. We have two clinics, and one of them has been using a Kodak X-ray apparatus and visiograph for more than 15 years without any complaints. We specially opened a new clinic for equipment from UNIDENT. The peculiarity of the business is that when creating a project for a dental clinic, we must understand what the equipment will be and create a project for it. With this approach, we naturally needed a reliable partner — UNIDENT, because all their equipment has the necessary licenses and certificates, and the employees who are engaged in starting, commissioning, maintenance, also have certificates for working with the equipment. And the whole process — from installation and delivery to commissioning — is accompanied by highly qualified specialists.

One of the main issues for us is maintenance. Because the service life of expensive equipment, which is 8 or 10 years, depends on how well it is serviced. UNIDENT specialists come once a quarter to check how it works, correct if necessary. It wins you over.As well as the fact that you can call and consult at any time, the specialists are always in touch.

In our new clinic, we have supplied a Carestream X-ray system and a radiovisiograph and are using them for the entire spectrum of tasks that we need to address. So the need for high-quality and reliable equipment is closed. Except, perhaps, a 3D scanner, which we will also purchase from UNIDENT.

Chief Physician, Dental Clinic of Dr. Kulagina


— We have all equipment from UNIDENT. There are two X-ray rooms in our clinic. First, we purchased a CS2100 high-frequency dental X-ray machine and an RVG6200 radiovisiograph from Carestream, and have been using them for 7 years. The technique has proven itself excellent, so we also installed Carestream (CS2100 X-ray machine and RVG6200 radiovisiograph) in the new X-ray dental room.

Our priority is patient care, so we choose modern high-quality digital equipment, with the help of which diagnostics and treatment can be as comfortable as possible for our specialist doctors and safe for patients, and which allows us to guarantee a high level of quality dental care. Now we are planning to conclude a service contract with UNIDENT, because the specialists are competent and know the equipment very well.


Leading expert of X-ray equipment department of UNIDENT


— We have been working for 25 years at the request of our clients, among whom are the owners of clinics, dentists, specialists.


The main principle of our work is to choose the right device together with the customer so that after commissioning it “works” for the client's tasks. It is a win-win partnership strategy in which both parties benefit.


Carestream Dental has a rich history of legendary companies and a bright future. The innovative technologies that the company offers to dentists allow them to achieve the best results in their work and show their professionalism — for maximum patient care.
The demand for technological developments from Carestream Dental has been proven by time and practice. This means that new ideas and discoveries from Carestream Dental lies ahead.



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