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13 December 2022
Recently, a health lesson was held in kindergarten No. 12 “Hussar Ballad”. Anastasia Glukhovskaia, R.O.C.S. partner, dental hygienist, teacher at Dental College No. 1, together with the teachers held an exciting lesson
03 December 2022
On December 3, a workshop for dental surgeons and dental orthopedists organized by UNIDENT was held in Moscow at the Refformat Educational Center. The topic “Implant Rehabilitation of Patients with Complete Lack of Teeth Supported by 4 and 6 Implants. Surgical Aspects. Immediate Loading of Implants” was presented by Sergei Mikhailovich Rozhnov, dental surgeon, periodontist, implantologist, chief physician and founder of the ImplantTime Center for Dental Implantology.
21 June 2022
The joint creative project of cellist Boris Andrianov, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Foundation U-ART, which from the very beginning included in its concept the idea of the universal and expanding horizons, could not miss the anniversary of the man who became an all-round performer of the highest level –– Sergei Diaghilev. 31 March 2022 was the 150th birthday of the great impresario
01 February 2022
Imagine: you are going on a long-awaited holiday. 10,000 meters in the air, several hours of flight ahead of us, and suddenly, "attention all passengers, if there is a doctor on board, please press your call button!"
15 January 2022
In a pandemic, the crisis has affected almost all areas of business. But some market players have not only maintained their positions, but strengthened them. Of course, we are talking about pharmacies. After all, in "COVID times", medicines have become a commodity of prime necessity for many of us. Konstantin Tiunov, Director of Commercial Affairs at pharmacy chains Unifarma and Rosapteka, spoke about the current development trends in the pharmacy business.
13 January 2022
Unident and Biolase invite specialists to attend the International Symposium on Laser Dentistry in Moscow on 11-12 February 2022. One site will offer knowledge about the use of lasers from the world leaders in laser dentistry. The course consists of lectures and practical exercises.
14 December 2021
SGS Dental products entered markets in Russia in 2011. And last year, in 2020, received a market authorization for the company's groundbreaking implant range. What are the features and benefits of the new SGS Dental implants?
07 December 2021
Modern R.O.C.S. toothpaste PRO Implants belongs to the group of professional, specialized products for effective oral hygiene for various orthodontic, prosthetic and other intraoral structures (including implants, crowns and veneers). These constructions make it very difficult to clean the teeth comprehensively, which can cause gum inflammation, cavities, etc.
17 November 2021
The laser came to Russian dentistry in the early 2000s and today is no longer perceived as something revolutionary. It has become the standard for quality dental care, for which there are proven protocols and methods. Today we are talking about the protocol for the treatment of peri-implantitis.
08 November 2021
As you know, the greatest business benefit comes from a patient who does not leave you forever. Successful clinics earn up to 80% of their revenue on return visits. The base of repeat patients is a huge resource, and experts say that millions are buried in it, but is it so easy to dig them up?

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