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DRC Group of Companies is a commercial and industrial group of companies, being a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high quality oral cavity care products, medical devices, and medicinal products. DRC has two modern production facilities and  its own WDS Scientific Laboratory (World Dental Systems, Russia-Switzerland), which develops products based on modern active ingredients meeting the latest scientific achievements in the field of dentistry.

High efficiency of products is confirmed by clinical studies and laboratory tests. The company supplies products to the CIS countries, the EU, Japan, Turkey, UAE, etc., to more than 30 countries of the world.



WDS Scientific Laboratory is a subdivision of DRC group of companies that develops innovative formulas in the parapharmaceutical field. The WDS Scientific Laboratory employs technologists, psychologists, biologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, and physicians of different specialties. The laboratory has more than 50 patents for products’ formulas patented worldwide. The main objective of the Laboratory is creation of the most safe for humans and the environment innovative products and drugs, the most natural and comparable or superior in the efficiency than existing analogues.

WDS Scientific Laboratory is engaged in the development not only of formulas but also develops unique processes such as, for example, low-temperature technology used for the production of R.O.C.S. toothpastes, which allows saving of natural ingredients with no loss of efficiency.

Official website http://www.rocs.ru/

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