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20 June 2015

LABDENT – a New Dental Technical Laboratory

Russia’s largest dental technical laboratory has appeared in Moscow. A truly up-to-date centre is supplied with advanced equipment that significantly reduces the time needed for the execution of orders and assures an ideal quality.

Today, LabDent is Russia’s largest centre of this kind that by its output and equipment can be equaled to the leading laboratories of Moscow. For over two years, the centre has been exclusively cooperating with the chain of Unident dental clinics. By now, the laboratory has gained enough experience and potential to move to a new level. Now any dental centre interested in related services can become a client of LabDent.

The LabDent dental technical laboratory uses digital technologies, specifically, 3D prototyping, and has a high-precision milling centre. The laboratory is equipped with a high-quality German CAD/CAM system that guarantees durability and natural look of its products. The cutting-edge technologies reduce the order waiting time to the maximum and ensure ideal colour rendering and a high quality. Also, the laboratory has its own foundry production facilities that speed up the manufacturing process and, which is equally important, provide for full control over all manufacturing stages.

LabDent offers all types of services, including diagnostics, manufacture of overdentures, removable palatal dentures, fixed restoration products, implant-supported dentures, monomer-free nylon dentures, repair and correction of overdentures. Soon the laboratory will offer also orthodontic services.

— Today, we produce approximately 1,000 porcelain-fused-to-metal items a month and 80% of our orders are orders for implant crowns. I don’t think there are any other laboratories in Moscow that have such an extensive practice of working with porcelain-fused-to-metal for restoration on implants, says Lab Director Svetlana Ignatova. The effective performance of a dental technical laboratory depends much on the abilities and skills of laboratory technicians to restore teeth and make them look natural and fitting. LabDent can boast a top-class team of specialists. All staff members regularly undergo training and improve their skills to be able to use advanced technologies and materials. People working in the laboratory are sure that an esthetically ideal product is always the result of expertise coupled with a creative approach.

You can learn more about LABDENT at www.labdent.ru

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24 July 2015
The two-day implantology workshop held in Moscow came to a close. The original courses developed by the leading specialists of the chain of Unident clinics Igor Ashurko and Sergey Rozhnov stem from the long-term educational programme implemented by UNIDENT in cooperation with SGS, a Swiss manufacturer of dental implants.
9 June 2015
A workshop on dental laser systems was held in Moscow. The use of laser technologies in the treatment of soft and hard tissues was featured by Yaroslav Filatov, Chief Executive of Laser Smile Clinic.
21 May 2015
The XII annual international conference “The role of communications and corporate media in the strategic business management” took place in April. The Unident TODAY corporate magazine was represented by Marketing and PR Director Yana Klevtsova.
12 May 2015
The International Dental Show, the largest international dental trade fair was held in Cologne. The dental show was attended by around 140,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The trade fair is the main event of the kind in the dental industry. This was already the 36th trade fair, which closed with a record result ever in terms of scope and scale.
11 May 2015
A dental laser workshop was held in Yekaterinburg. UNIDENT invites the leading laser specialists to deliver regular workshops on various types of laser systems all over Russia. Laser dentistry offers truly unique opportunities; besides, working with modern lasers is quite simple and user-friendly.

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