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20 June 2018

VIVARTE festivals pictured

About the 3rd International Chamber Music Festival VIVARTE organised by the U-Art: You and Art Foundation jointly with the State Tretyakov Gallery.  Six chamber music concerts were held in the Vrubel Hall. Each concert programme was associated with an exhibition of one masterpiece from the vaults of Tretyakov Gallery with descriptions from the leading gallery custodians. VIVARTE festival ended with a “musical promenade”.

Photo: Evgeny Evtyukhov, Kirill Kudryavtsev

3 June Mikhail Kopelman (violin) and Boris Andrianov (cello)

Iveta Manasherova, the Founder of the U-Art: You and Art Foundation, and Iveta Manasherova, the President of Vivarte Festival, and Zelfira Tregulova, the General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery, open Vivarte Festival.

Irina Shumanova, the Head of the Department for Graphic Arts of the 18th Century and Early 20th Century, describes the painting by M. Larionov.

Mikhail Kopelman, first violin

Kopelman Quartet composed of Mikhail Kopelman, first violin; Boris Kuschnir, second violin; Igor Sulyga, viola; Mikhail Milman, cello

Kopelman Quartet

5 June Evening painting Paris by K. Korovin

Margarita Chizhmak, the research associate of the Department for Paintings of the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, describes the evening painting Paris by K. Korovin Korovin donated this work to his follower.

Iveta Manasherova, the Festival President

Grigory Kovalevsky, bass

Kopelman Quartet composed of Mikhail Kopelman, first violin; Boris Kuschnir, second violin; Igor Sulyga, viola; Mikhail Milman, cello

Mikhail Milman, cello

6 June Evening painting Lilac Bush in Bloom (1904 - 1905) by M. Larionov

Sergey Nakaryakov, trumpet/flugelhorn; Evgeny Brakhman, piano; Elena Revich, violin; Aleksandr Mitinsky, viola; Fedor Belugin, viola; Denis Shapovalov, cello

Sergey Nakaryakov, trumpet/flugelhorn; Evgeny Brakhman, piano

Elena Revich, violin, and Denis Shapovalov, cello

Boris Andriano, the Art Director of the Festival, and Tamaz Manasherov, the founder of the U-Art: You and Art Foundation

Denis Shapovalov and Iveta Manasherova

Ilya Gringolts, Grigory Krotenko and Igor Fedorov

Elias Faingersh, trombone (Switzerland)

Olga Muromtseva, Sergey Nakaryakov and Grigory Krotenko

7 June Olga Muromtseva, Cultural Charitable Foundation U-Art: You and Art

Sergey Malov, violin, and Andrey Pushkarev, vibraphone

Sergey Malov, violin

8 June Evgeniya Ilyukhina, Deputy Head of the Department for Graphic Arts of the 18th Century and Early 20th Century, describes the evening painting Theatrical Costume Sketch by M. Larionov

Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971) The Tale of Fugitive Soldier and Devil Read, Played and Danced inspired by Russian folk tales collected by A.N. Afanasyev (1917)

Grigory Krotenko, Elias Faingersh and Igor Fedorov

9 June Boris Andrianov, the Art Director of Vivarte Festival

Alena Baeva, violin, and Ilya Gringolts, violin

Andrey Usov, viola

Alena Baeva, violin

Ilya Gringolts, violin; Boris Andrianov, cello; Konstantin Livshits, piano

Iveta Manasherova, the founder of the U-Art: You and Art Foundation and Festival President

10 June Musical Promenade Boris Andrianov, cello, and Dmitry Illarionov, guitar

Elias Faingersh, trombone Trombone Magic Programme

Aleksey Aigui & Ensemble 4'33"

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21 November 2017
The U-Art Foundation establishes a grant for Tretyakov Gallery scholars In early 2017, the U-ART Foundation announced the launch of an endowment program for the State Tretyakov Gallery art researchers. The new source of funding will make possible doing research at out-of-country museums, archives, universities, and other institutions
15 September 2017
Many books are written about Moscow. Thousands of poems and songs are dedicated to the city. Countless images of it can be found in graphic arts and cinematography. The capital has been transforming from one era to another. Like a human being, the city changed its temper and moods with age, however, at all times it maintained its unique atmosphere. Every person, be it a Muscovite or a visitor, had, has and will have his or her own Moscow: favorite places and routes, warm memories and nostalgic feelings.
28 August 2017
Innovation is the only national award in contemporary art; the title implies looking into the future, being open, being ready to change oneself and the world. Trendy in the Russia of the early 2000s, the word has lost much of its relevance by now. And similarly, the format of a formerly progressive award has become stale; that was shown by the crisis it went through in 2016 when the jury broke up over some differences and the top prize wasn’t awarded.
20 June 2017
Back at the time when Vivarte, a chamber music festival, announced its first programs at the Tretyakov Gallery it was called a direct competitor — and even an epigone — of the famous Svyatoslav Richter’s December Nights. Held at the Pushkin Museum, the latter combined music and painting too. However, Vivarte’s organizers carried out their project to a high standard proving the new festival had its own face which, judging by the huge interest it aroused, would soon be recognizable all too well.
6 June 2017
The State Russian Museum with the participation of Alexei Jawlensky's Archives and with the assistance of the U-ART Foundation prepared a large-scale international project dedicated to the creative work of the Russian artist Alexei Jawlensky and his son Andreas. The grand opening of the “Alexei and Andreas Jawlensky. Adventures in Color” exhibition took place on 10 August 2017 in the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga. It is planned to bring the exposition from Spain to St. Petersburg, Russia, where it will be shown in the halls of the Russian Museum.

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