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4 June 2017

“Innovation-2017” award laureates are announced

An award ceremony for the “Innovation 2017” State award laureates in the area of modern art was held in the Moscow Planetarium in the evening of 30 May. A strategic partner of the award was U-Art foundation, and the sponsor is UNIDENT Group.

Olga Muromtseva, Andrey Kuzkin and Ekaterina Kibovskaya


The award in the category “Book of the Year: Theory and History of Modern Art”, established with “U-art:You and art” foundation was given to an edition, timed to coincide with the exhibition “Andrey Kuzkin. Right to life” in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (the supervisor is Natalya Tamruchi). The edition was issued by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art with the support of the “Russian art world” foundation.

The award in the category “Education project” was given to “Music for everyone” inclusive program (the supervisor is Anastasiya Tolstaya) dedicated to the collaboration of sighted and blind musicians and implemented in Saint-Petersburg by “PRO-ARTE” foundation, the Centre of medical and social rehabilitation for persons with visual disabilities and Saint-Petersburg State Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The research called “Sea of opportunities”, connected with the history of the Perm State Art Gallery, (the supervisors are Vladimir Beresnev and Marina Pughina) was awarded in the category “Regional project”.

The winner in the category “New generation” was Kirill Glushchenko, the author of the project called “The image of our everyday life is beautiful” (the exhibition of “Glushchenkoizdat” publishing house), organized by V—A–C foundation in the space of a former factory building in Polkovaya street in Moscow.

The award in the category “Painter of the Year” was given to Leonid Tishkov, who presented an exhibition-performance called “Look at Your House” in an exhibition hall of Volga-Vyatsk branch of the State Center of Modern Art (Nizhniy Novgorod) at the end of 2016.

“The Supervisor of the Year” became Alexander Burenkov, who was awarded for his exhibition “Planned obsolescence” in the space of the capital Body-digital fitness / miltronic club (the project was realized in the framework of a parallel program of the V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art).

The award in the category “Project of the Year” was given to the New Space of the Theatre of Nations (the supervisor is Vera Martynov) — interdisciplinary initiative combining music, theatre and modern art.

Moreover, the award “Innovation” was given in two out-of-competition categories: the award in the category “For Contribution to the Development of Modern Art” was given to the painter Viktor Pivovarod, and the award in the category “For Support of Russian Modern Art” was given to the founders of Moscow Contemporary Art Center WINZAVOD Sofia and Roman Trotsenko.

A special prize (a three-month internship in Paris residence Cité internationale des Arts) in the category “New generation” was granted by the French Institution and the Embassy of France in Russia with the support of Air France air company. It was granted to Elena Skripkina, the author of a visual and sound improvisation called “Quartet for the End of Time” (on a theme of the similarly-named composition by Olivier Messiaen), presented at the end of 2016 in the framework of VZLET project in the space of YAK-42 airplane in VDNH in Moscow.

“Innovation” is the first and the most authoritative Russian award in the sphere of modern art. The mission of the award is to support authors working in the sphere of modern art, to reveal creative achievements and draw general public’s attention to these achievements. The state award “Innovation” was established in 2005, and this year it was given to outstanding cultural figures for the 12th time.


Alexander Borovsky

Alexander Gudkov

Alena Doletskaya

Alina Saprykina

Andrey Savva-Savelyev

Anna Andronova

Anton Belov

Antonio Alizzi

Asya Zalogina and Sandra Nedvetskaya

Viktor Pivovarov

Tamaz Manasherov and Iveta Manasherova

Zurab Tsereteli

Madina Gogova and Mariana Gogova

Viktor Pivovarod, Natalya SHkuleva and Andrey Malakhov

Vera Martynov

Evgeniya Shevchuk

Darya Kotova, Maksim Alesander, Alena Doletskaya

Evgeniya Popova

Ekaterina Darma

Kira Sakarello, Vasily Tsereteli and
Dmitry Volkov

Ekaterina Kibovskaya

Ekaterina Mechetina

Ilya Bachurin and Nadezhda Sysoeva

Inna Kozeruk

Kirill Glushchenko

Ekaterina Vinokurova, Evgeniya Popova, Kseniya Tarakanova, Sandra Nedvetskaya

Kseniya Tarakanova

Margarita Pushkina

Kristina Omelchenko, Dina Silina

Mari Koberidze

Svetlana Marich

Marina Loshak, Viktor Pivovarov

Olga Sviblov

Mark Garber

Natalya Shkuleva and Andrey Malakhov

Sofia Trotsenko

Simon Mraz

Pavel Pepperstein, Ksenia Dranysh and Dmitry Volkov

Taus Makhacheva

Evelina Khromchenko

Sofia Trotsenko, Anastasia Shavlokhova

Teresa Mavika and Anton Belov

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