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Formation of the cultural consciousness is an essential condition and effective way to improve all areas of life. In the best traditions of Russian patronage, U-Art: You and Art helps to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage.

Cultural Charitable Foundation U-Art: You and Art, founded by private collectors Tamaz Manasherov and Iveta Manasherova, supports international cultural events, combines the efforts of all art lovers for the worldwide promotion of the multinational Russian and world culture, as well as for promotion of the development of science, enlightenment, and education.

The organization contributes to the study of contemporary art and supports projects aimed at the formation of the actual phenomena of contemporary culture and art.

14 June 2023
From June 7 to 11 the capital hosted one of the most anticipated cultural events of the summer - VIVARTE VIII International Chamber Music Festival, which by tradition was held at the Tretyakov Gallery.
21 June 2022
The joint creative project of cellist Boris Andrianov, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Foundation U-ART, which from the very beginning included in its concept the idea of the universal and expanding horizons, could not miss the anniversary of the man who became an all-round performer of the highest level –– Sergei Diaghilev. 31 March 2022 was the 150th birthday of the great impresario
24 March 2022
If Fyodor Mikhailovich had lived in our time –– what would he have written? Could he have taken up storytelling, composing quizzes or scripts for documentaries? Who would his characters and audience have been? In general, is Dostoevsky any more relevant or not? These questions formed a program devoted to the 200th anniversary of the writer: it was held at the Theater of Nations from March to December 2021, with the support of the Foundation U-ART. Two stages, the Small and the New, were assigned to the experimental performances.
12 February 2022
The Italian Embassy in Moscow hosted a ceremony on 27 September to award the Knight Orders of the Star of Italy to Iveta Manasherova and Tamaz Manasherov. The award is presented by the President of the Republic of Italy for special merits in the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries.
05 August 2021
On July 15, the Mikhailovsky Castle with the participation of the U-Art Foundation was opened the exhibition “Italian Futurism from the Mattioli Collection. Russian Cubo-Futurism from the Russian Museum and Private Collections”.
The unique exhibition project brings together the works of Italian and Russian futurists and acquaints Russian viewers with this international art movement.
24 February 2020
In terms of hit exhibitions that attract visitors from many countries — including Russia — in the fall of 2018 Vienna was the undisputed leader among the European capitals. Next to the posters announcing Monet and Bruegel, a bizarre giraffe on a blue background stood out in stark contrast, staring at passers-by with almost human eyes.
22 January 2020
Violinist Charlie Siem on visual art, Instagram and futureCharlie Siem is well known in the world of classical music as one of UK's most brilliant violinists. In May 2019, Charlie Siem participated for the first time in Moscow’s Vivarte Chamber Music Festival. The concert was part of The UK-Russia Year of Music announced by the British Embassy in Moscow.
04 July 2019
On June 29, Nizhny Novgorod hosted the Innovation award ceremony supported by the U-Art Foundation. The event took place outside Moscow for the first time  in a 14-year-long history of this governmental award in contemporary art. This was one of the first steps towards decentralization proclaimed by the organizers
13 June 2019
U-Art grants were awarded for the third time as part of the foundation’s program to support Tretyakov Gallery’s researchers. Romantic-era movements in Russia and Germany and the Italian photography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are the research topics that received U-Art grants this year.
15 May 2019
Irina Antonova, President of the A. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, devoted her entire life to the museum and its collection
The Museum of Private Collections as part of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1985 thanks to Antonova and the collector Ilya Zilberstein, and the museum’s holdings have been compiled with her direct participation.

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