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18 September 2019

«Welcome!» 21st century dentistry: looking more human


Forget dead-white interiors with every detail a merciless reminder of your visit's goal. A 21st century dental clinic is a comfortable and cozy space, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and where you want to come back to. This approach brings more visitors and just plain looks nice.

Vintage, Surfing and Hollywood chic

Dentist’s office projects nowadays receive prestigious awards and are published in glossy magazines. Ecostyle, loft design, vintage, digital reality—all of this strikes a chord with both dentists and their clients. Treatment is not a reason for sufferings and despondency. Those who’ve hit upon this idea earlier than the rest are already making profits.


Surfing is quite an unusual topic for dentistry. But when this happens in a landlocked city such as Nashville (Tennessee), this is twice as unusual. Architects from the M2 bureau were not afraid of extravagance and made the Smith Dental clinic a city landmark, and photos of stylish interiors with surfboards have already been published in all fashion magazines.




The Spanish Gemma Pons clinic can hardly be called modest. Golden light that floods the room, exquisite furniture, stylish details: any door handle is a piece of art. If you have to get treatment—do it in style!



Owners of this clinic in Claremont (California) got the premises of the former theater. This fact, as well as the neighboring Hollywood, inspired designers to create a glamorous vintage-style interior. Stage lighting, portraits of stars on the walls, posters and antique furniture mixed up with the state-of-the-art equipment— the action scene is ready!



A dental clinic in Nishikawa, Japan, was designed as a space shuttle. Aerodynamic shapes of interiors (more like compartments), high-tech plastic finishing, light hidden in the “spacecraft skin”, touch panels. And the center of this futuristic design is the dental unit by the famous Japanese brand J. Morita. Technologies of the 22nd century, ergonomic forms— everything is on the verge of science fiction. Welcome to the future!



The Dutch are, as always, at the forefront of architecture. To connect the interior with the exterior, virtually placing the patient in a flowering garden—this was the idea of the designers from the Shift architecture group. Panoramic windows of treatment rooms look out straight onto the clinic courtyard. The doctor treats—the nature helps.



A family clinic in Korean Hwaseo did not obtain a cozy loft. The Friend’s Design studio has decorated its space with brick walls, graffiti, vintage and designer furniture. It turned out stylish and gentle — lounge-like interior, which creates a relaxing environment for visitors.



Janks Design Group specializes in boutiques and restaurants. Vibrant urbanism is their style. And it is just what was needed for the clinic in Vancouver. Huge windows overlooking the city, designer furniture. Why not? After all, its patients and visitors of the neighboring cafes and shopping malls are the same people.



Sydney is famous for its architecture. And now interior of the Care Dentistry clinic has been added to its attractions. Designers from the Pedra Silva Architects agency have created a transformer partition made of wooden plates. In addition to its main function—divide recreation and treatment areas—it forms a space filled with the play of light and shadow.



Beautiful and friendly interiors can be found not only in Europe and America but also in Russia. Recently, the Unident Stomatology clinic on Taganka has acquired one. The author of this creative space is the designer and decorator Varvara Kurtova. We asked her a few questions.

The author of this creative space is the designer and decorator Varvara Kurtova


I was inspired by the Zhostovo box. Bright fl owers, harmonious lines, contrasts. It is beautiful and somehow immediately strikes a chord in the heart

U.: What do you consider to be the most important in the interior of a dental clinic?

K.: I think that modern dentistry needs to move away from the standard picture, where everything is white, it smells of solutions, and the drill sound is heard at the entrance. A person comes to a clinic with his or her own problems, and it is very important to help them relax instead of creating additional stress.

U.: Did you have any impression about Unident Stomatology clinics?

K.: It so happened that I am familiar with the company as a patient as well. This fact made me more confident, since I’ve personally experienced what kind of professionals work here and how important patient care is for them. This lines up with my understanding of the customer-oriented approach.U.: Does the good interior of a clinic help attract visitors?

K.: There is such thing as a “selling design”. A person should feel comfortable in the space of your institution, his or her initial fear and tension must be carefully removed. So yes, the interior helps, and there are specific techniques that can be used.

U.: Tell us about it using your work on Taganka as an example.

K.: I had a statement of work, but in terms of decoration I was given carte blanch, and I am very grateful to the customers for this. I chose a conventional 1960s style with its bright colors and positivity. Colors are corporate: gray, red and white. Basis of the composition is the red floor border. He goes around the perimeter of the entire clinic and can be used as navigation at the same time. There are a lot of live plants in the clinic — it creates a positive attitude. I also chose a lot of photos from Mauritius: sea, tropics, flowers… It calms, elevates the mood and distracts. Bud-shaped lamps chime with photos. I wanted to show modern and at the same time very soulful atmosphere of the Unident Stomatology clinic. I hope, I succeeded.

Head of Unident Stomatology Analytics Department

«When a patient comes to the clinic for help, he or she is already stressed out by the situation. Making the patient have only pleasant impressions of the visit is the task not only for each person communicating with him or her but also for the place which he or she visits itself.

That is why we tried to create an atmosphere in which meeting with the doctor does not seem intimidating; it is the new face of the Unident Stomatology clinics chain. We wanted to emphasize that convenience of our guests from the very moment they cross the doorstep of any Unident Stomatology clinic is an important task for us. Our plan was a success—visitors note that we have destroyed stereotypes about medical institutions, and now every visit to the Unident Stomatology clinic has become a pleasant meeting.»




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