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6 November 2018

“We all live in the digital age…”

The 5th International Congress of Digital Dentistry Specialists in Moscow gathered a record number of participants

It seems that digital technologies have begun to enter the dental practice just a while ago… And today we are already completely immersed in the digital era. The 5th Anniversary International Congress of Digital Dentistry Specialists held on 3−4 November 2018 at the Korston Club Hotel Moscow showed that the “digital” is going to stay with us for a good long while.

Among the speakers of the Congress were 8 world-class experts


Member of the Board of Directors of the Digital Dentistry Association, General Director of DRC Company

I remember perfectly well the exact day 5 years ago we met with Samvel Vladislavovich Apresian. That day we decided that our R.O.C.S. brand would support the nascent Association. Since then we are its irreplaceable General Partner. And today we are pleased to see how all our plans come to fruition. In my opinion, the Digital Dental Association is one of the most progressive organizations. It brings together people seeking new knowledge and technology. I sincerely congratulate all those involved in this success and wish us all further prosperity and progress.

The Digital Dentistry Association holds congresses of professionals annually since 2014. This anniversary congress gathered more than 400 participants and had 8 world-class experts as its speakers. The event was supported by R.O.C.S. brand as its General Partner and Unident as the Gold Sponsor. Organizers and participants shared their impressions about the congress.

According to Samvel Apresian, President of the Digital Dentistry Association, this year the congress turned out to be the largest — both in terms of the number of participants and scale of the dental exhibition. The organizers, as always, picked up the list of speakers and topics of reports that were interesting to the widest audience of doctors.

“We try to make our reports useful both for prospective dentists and experienced doctors. And we are happy that our event is of interest to dentists of different specializations and age groups. That’s not a surprise, after all, we all are now living in the digital age,” said Samvel Vladislavovich.

Igor Lebedenko, Head of the Orthopedic Dentistry Department of the Institute of Medicine at the RUDN University, noted the great benefits of the forum for young professionals.

“Events like this show,” said Dr. Lebedenko, “that digital technology in the hands of a mindful doctor is a powerful tool. And that success can be achieved by anyone who is following this path”.

The professor also added that he, as a teacher, is very pleased that the Association makes lectures and reports of leading experts available to students and medical residents. That is very important for development of the profession in the future.

Aleksandr Jankhoteli, Head of the Implantology Department at Unident, said that the company had presented an innovation at the exhibition — the SGS implant system, which in many respects surpasses the existing analogues.

“Until quite recently, digital technologies were considered to be the future,” says Jankhoteli, “but they have been the here and now for quite some time and are developing rapidly. More and more doctors and manufacturers of dental equipment are involved in this area. And we are very proud to be at the forefront of this process”.


Text by: Mariana Kapsuletskaia
Photo by: DDA press office

The congress was opened with the speech given by Samvel Apresian, President of the Digital Dentistry Association

Topics of reports were interesting for both beginners and experienced dentists.

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