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26 July 2017

Unident Becomes a Partner of a Federal Anti-Smoking Project

#QuittingNow is a project invented by businessman and football player Denis Timakov, who once quit smoking as a bet with his coach. In his experience, knowing how difficult it is to stay away from cigarettes, Timakov developed an all-Russian game that any smoker can take part in.

“ Another's example of defeating the habit, an inspirational story, one's own desire to be an equal among successful healthy people — these are things that can encourage a person to throw the cigarette away…”

To do this, you need to download the application and pay the amount that an average person spends on cigarettes per month. Then each participant should last a month without cigarettes and go through three stages of the project. During the entire trial, sudden medical checks are given to the participants. Those who will come to the end are entitled to the gifts from the chain of Unident clinics: a 50 % discount on integrated occupational preventive oral hygiene and a coupon of 2,000 rubles for the services of the Ds clinic cosmetology chain. Among the prizes are other procedures related to health care.

The chain of dental clinics “Unident” willingly joined the initiative #QuittingNow for several reasons. First, the problem of smoking in Russia really is very acute, and it is not in a position to solve simple social advertising. According to official statistics for 2016, 31 % of the country's population (and this is almost 47 million people) smokes, and 17 % smoke one pack a day or more. Secondly, #QuittingNow is a truly effective way to quit smoking for many people, based on motivation in the form of well-being, economy, excitement and a sense of community. Third, the “Unident” chain is directly connected with medicine and is glad to be able to contribute to the strengthening of the health of Russians.

“An example of the fight against smoking provided by others, an inspirational story, a desire to be equal to successful healthy people — that's what can cause a person to throw a cigarette away far more than any special plaster,” said the president of the Unident Stomatology chain of clinics Igor Gavasheli. — “I started smoking at the age of 17 and could only quit after many years. It took a lot of effort not to start again, only serious motivation helped. Project #QuittingNow it is precisely this that is directed — it unites people who have decided to change their lives for the better and help others in this”, — noted Igor Gavasheli.

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23 August 2017
Popularity of online dental shops has been increasing every year, and it is not surprising: it is convenient, fast and easy. However, there are those who still have doubts about the reliability of online shopping. Especially when it comes not to purchasing proven consumables that are well-known by the doctor, but to choosing something new.
20 July 2017
In early 2017, a team of Russian dentists traveled to Myanmar in order to educate the locals on the importance of dental care, bringing them R.O.C.S. toothbrushes and paste as presents. This round has become the last for the long-running project of the Russian Dental Volunteer Organization.
30 June 2017
Back at the time when Vivarte, a chamber music festival, announced its first programs at the Tretyakov Gallery it was called a direct competitor — and even an epigone — of the famous Svyatoslav Richter’s December Nights. Held at the Pushkin Museum, the latter combined music and painting too. However, Vivarte’s organizers carried out their project to a high standard proving the new festival had its own face which, judging by the huge interest it aroused, would soon be recognizable all too well.
26 June 2017
Laser printing, cameras on the roads, a computer mouse, finally, a cat chasing a laser pointer... We come across lasers every day. However, how all this could be known to Pliny in the first century AD?
22 June 2017
In the last year UNIDENT has supported several large training competitions for the beginner dentists in the leading medical universities of Russia. Participants came from multiple corners of Russia, while the honored guests came from the countries with the most developed technologies in this area of medicine. Such events increase the level of specialists and reveal new talents. But why are these competitions needed in real life and in sense of common future?

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