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19 March 2023

UNIDENT offers a wide range of Cefla Dental Group products in stock

of Cefla Dental Group products in stock

Cefla puts customers' interests above all and meets the most stringent demands, setting the standard for modern dentistry.

Castellini Trio Plus Comfort is a dental tomograph with a 13x16 cm area and cephalostat.

Correct diagnosis is the key to any treatment. The X-Radius Trio Plus offers a wide range of diagnostic options for adults and children, resulting in high contrast, extraoral 2D images at low radiation doses. And the built-in 360° fast scanning technology along with preset algorithms produces high quality 3D images.
SKEMA 5 unit is notable for its modern design and ease of use and is widely used in implantology, surgery and endodontic dentistry. The unit allows personalization, allowing each instrument to be customized individually to the specific needs of the different doctors working in the clinic.

The Zen-X visiograph is specifically designed to simplify the entire radiography process. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, maximum patient comfort is guaranteed. Thanks to its technical characteristics, Zen-X can obtain high resolution images with a minimum radiation dose.

The RXDC eXTend is a high-frequency x-ray machine designed to deliver accurate images. It combines design and advanced technology to enable professionals to achieve the best possible results using high-precision equipment and wireless monitoring. The X-ray tube ensures clear images with the lowest possible radiation dose.

When you purchase the product in February, we provide free delivery all over Russia by transport company to the terminal and free commissioning. Order now and get special conditions for equipping clinics with Cefla products.

If you have questions about unique purchase conditions and comprehensive equipment you can contact Entony Manasherov, Head of Sales Department by phone +7 962 983 92 71 e-mail: e.manasherov@unident.net
and Aleksei Denisov, Leading Specialist of Sales Department +7 968 407 88 45 e-mail:
You can place your order:

▪ by e-mail: internet@unident.net | info@unidentshop.ru

▪ by phone: 8 800 555 10 75 or +7 967 287 60 28

▪ in our online store: www.unidentshop.ru

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