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9 August 2016

UNIDENT has entered the pharmaceutical market

UNIDENT has entered the market of pharmaceutical products supplies and is now cooperating with leading worldwide medicinal product manufacturers and suppliers. As part of its new line of business, the company has also launched its own pharmacy chains.

UNIDENT Group is one of the major Russian and European medical holdings. Presently, the Group is implementing projects aimed at improvement of life quality and medical care for millions of people in Russia. UNIDENT Holding is engaged in building and equipping of key national healthcare facilities, develops and manufactures beauty and health products under world-known brands, and provides medical care through its own medical centres chain. The company has a 20−year experience in medicinal products and equipment supplies for healthcare institutions.

In 2015, UNIDENT started a new pharmaceutical business to provide supplies of a wide range of highly-demanded drugs and parapharmaceutical products to medical centres and pharmacies. To date, the company has signed contracts with leading global pharmaceutical manufacturers and acts as the direct distributor of their products. The new business is being developed by competent teams having a long-term experience in marketing the Group’s branded products, among which are, undoubtedly, the R.O.C.S. oral care products that have become a hallmark of the national toothpaste industry and a must-have item at almost any Russian pharmacy and many beauty products stores.

2016 saw UNIDENT bringing online pharmacy chains Rosapteka and Unifarma in Moscow and Moscow Region within its pharmaceutical business development. A bunch of new brands meeting demands of various customer target groups has been supported by careful product range selection, mandatory staff training programmes, and drive for gaining customers’ trust in the long run.

The new UNIDENT business required building of a whole team of experts, so today the Group’s headcount includes more than 2,000 people.

For reference



  • A premium pharmacy chain meeting the highest world standards of customer service quality

  • A product range to satisfy the most demanding customers: drugs, medical equipment, beauty and health products, biologically active supplements, vitamins, and cosmetics

  • The interiors have been created by best designers

  • Here you can obtain competent pharmaceutical advice in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.




  • Convenience pharmacies with honest price policy

  • A wide range of popular and highly demanded products: drugs, medical equipment, beauty and health products, biologically active supplements, vitamins, and cosmetics

  • Rosapteka pharmacies, with their attractive pricing and product range, welcome the widest range of customers


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