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23 December 2019

Time for beauty

On some occasions looking merely good just doesn’t cut it: only fabulous does. A birthday party, an Oscar ceremony, a romantic dinner – everyone has their own list of most significant events. The question is, how do you  get ready for it when there is absolutely no time? We decided to ask cosmetologists. After all, who else would know the algorithms of beauty?

DS Clinic is a network of premium-class beauty centers throughout several Moscow districts. We pay a visit to the Arbat branch, which leaves a great impression: stylish interiors, cutting-edge equipment, and, more importantly, friendly atmosphere and professional approach. The focus on patients’ health and beauty is immediately evident. The DS Clinic network provides a wide range of popular services — laser treatment, traditional care, and cosmetic surgery, including advanced and newest methods such as contour plastic surgery.

At DSclinic, visitors' comfort is just as important as technology

Counting days

What can be done if there is just three or four weeks left before day X? Getting rid of the wrinkles on the forehead and crow's feet around the eyes using Botox. The procedure itself is painless, and in the aftermath some redness may appear for a few hours at the injection spots. Pronounced results can be expected in two weeks — it takes about this long for the skin in the muscle blockage areas to get smoothed out. The effect lasts for 4–6 months.

months: this is for how long Botox treatment remains effective and the patient doesn't have to worry about wrinkles

Putting fillers in the lacrimal grooves, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. The fillers are basically purified hyaluronic acid in the form of gel. They last for up to 18–24 months, which is enough time for the body to produces its own collagen. The effect becomes noticeable in a week or two after the procedure and increases after that, so in a month wrinkles are no longer visible.

Lifting the face contours. One option is using special thread identical to surgical sutures. The threads remain in the tissues for anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on the material. Over this period, the skin creates its own supportive structure, which then maintains the shape of the face. Results are clearly visible as early as after a month, and the maximum effect, after four.

Revitalizing the skin, getting rid of dryness and fine wrinkles using biorevitalization. Essentially, during this procedure the entire face gets multiple hyaluronic acid injections. As a result, the skin becomes thoroughly moisturized and rejuvenated. For best results, the procedure is repeated 4–6 times every two weeks, so the entire course takes two to three months. But the first results are usually evident after just one or two procedures.

The interior design ambience at DSclinic helps visitors relax

Eleventh hour

And what if there is no time left, and the special occasion is tomorrow? Fortunately, cosmetology experts can «turn Cinderella into Princess» in one procedure. The key ingredients of this beauty-magic spell are Jet Peel and French massage. The entire one-hour procedure includes four stages.

• Preliminary face cleansing to remove cosmetics etc.

• Jet Peel — a pleasant pressure-washing of the face that feels slightly cool and makes the skin noticeably fresher.

• Modeling facial massage using a French technique. The facial massage therapist literally sculpts the patient’s face. In the process, facial contours become more defined, puffiness and tightness disappear, and the skin acquires healthy glow.

• Mask and facial care cream: the final touch. At the end of the procedure, the patient feels like after a good vacation.

Jet Peel is a gentle yet effective procedure with quick results

Beauty, French style

The modeling massage technique is focused on lymphatic drainage, thanks to which the face contours go back to the healthy oval. The result is clearly visible after one session and lasts for at least 48 hours. And if you do several sessions, the effect is cumulative. Our patients love this massage: they both look youthfully beautiful and feel excellent."

Harnessing the power of nature

Expect no miracles from traditional skincare, says conventional wisdom. The experts behind Femegyl — a Russian brand of professional cosmetics — are ready to prove that belief false. Their arguments, based on hard science, are ready and waiting inside white tubes with stylized petals.

Looking inside the jar

While not many words are more hackneyed than «unique,» it is this word that best describes Femegyl products. This cosmetics brand is truly amazing, and the names behind it — the DRC Group, also known for the R.O.C.S. family of toothpastes, and the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology — speak for themselves.


Cleansing cream. Contains fermented olive and jojoba oil, vitamins A and E.

Facial cream, revitalizing and nourishing. Contains argan oil, shea butter, vitamins A, E, F, and peptides. Recommended period of use: at least 3 weeks.

Tonic lotion. Contains organogermanium compound. Restores the acid mantle of the skin. May cause light redness within physiological limits.

Scrub cream with licorice extract. Double mechanical and enzymatic action. Effectively cleanses and whitens the skin.

High-strength nourishing facial mask. Can be used alone or together with a fabric mask.

Fabric mask with hyaluronic acid. Powerful moisturizing action. Excellent after a peeling procedure or as a standalone care product.

While not many words are more hackneyed than «unique,» it is this word that best describes Femegyl products. This cosmetics brand is truly amazing, and the names behind it — the DRC Group, also known for the R.O.C.S. family of toothpastes, and the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology — speak for themselves.

Answer: Jet Peel. Using a special solution under pressure, the beautician works through all areas of the face, literally knocking out keratinized cells from the skin surface. The  process is a delicate yet deep cleansing. While highly effective by itself, the procedure can be enhanced by adding vitamins, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to the jet solution and in this way turned into an alternative to traditional facelift treatment. Jet Peel cleanses, tones, and provides the lymphatic drainage effect.

There is no bad weather…

…only inadequate makeup. After all, autumn and winter mean the cold, the sharp difference between the temperature outdoors and indoors, the drying effect of house heating on the skin. No wonder it requires enhanced nutrition. For example, cleansing should be done using oilier skincare products such as milk or cream. Make sure to include a n oil-containing cream in your daily care. Watch out, however: oleaginous creams may contain a fatty foundation likely to clog pores and leave an unpleasant film on the face. A good winter cream should have a gentle melting texture typical for fermented oil.

Despite the cold, it is important to thoroughly and correctly cleanse and tone the skin. It is best to use a tonic every day and a scrub once or twice a week. Choose a tonic enriched with nutrients and a gentle scrub that does not damage the skin, which becomes more sensitive in winter. At least once a week use a cream or fabric mask, and if you combine the two, make sure they contain no confl icting ingredients.

This germanium doesn’t come from Germany

The company has many proprietary advancements and patents. The most curious one is the organogermanium chelate compound. Germanium is a powerful antihypoxant, meaning that it helps relieve the lack of oxygen in the tissues. As an antioxidant, it binds free radicals and removes toxins from cells. It also stabilizes the mitochondrial membrane. By using this compound as an ingredient in our products, we ensure healthy infl ow of blood and nutrients, removal of toxins and free radicals, and access to energy – everything skin needs.

Text: Maryana Kapsuletskaya
Photo: Denis Kuznetsov, Vladimir Astapkovich


All about miracle peels: a first-person report

 At the hands of an expert even makeup removal is a real treatment. The relaxation begins…

Tonic lotion with organogermanium compound. You can feel a sea-fresh aroma, and the reason is it contains kelp extract.

The scrub cream with licorice has a truly gentle action, unlike most scrubs, and a scent of medicinal herbs.

Azelogermanium peel. Surprisingly, there is absolutely no burning or discomfort. Feels just like a mask on the face. I wonder what the result will be.

I have two masks on my face at once: a nourishing cream one and a hyaluronic fabric. I can practically feel my face getting moisturized.

The final touch is a revitalizing cream. Feeling like a million bucks! What will the mirror show?

Wow! Miracles do happen!

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