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6 October 2016

Three in one

Unident developing a comprehensive approach to aesthetic medicine

Text: Artur Toporkov
Photo: Evgeny Dudin

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of its dental clinic network, Unident Group opened a new department of plastic surgery at the Old Arbat clinic, where departments of dentistry and cosmetology are already functioning. The new unit is headed by Sergey Shamanaev PhD, plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience and Associate Professor of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the First Moscow State Medical University.

Sergey Shamanaev
PhD,  Associate Professor of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the First Moscow State Medical University

— Opening a new office has been a great event for Unident, we have been preparing for it the entire last year. The company has purchased and installed the most modern equipment, has established connections with the world’s leading medical supplies manufacturers. We have already built the department team, which includes professionals with extensive experience.

— What range of services the new department can already offer to clients?

— Virtually the full one, from breast implant surgery, lifts, and liposuction to anti-age cosmetic changes, eyelid and nose reconstruction, massive plastic surgery operations, and even hair transplantation.

— In Moscow, not to mention the whole of Russia, there is a great number of plastic surgery clinics… Why should patients come to yours, what are your advantages?

— I can talk for a long time that we practice individual approach to each patient. But it must be individual by definition – it’s the norm in the modern plastic surgery market. As well as 3D−modeling previews.

Our important difference is that we do not use marketing buzzwords such as “breast implant surgery without cutting” or “seamless operation methods”. Sounds cute, perhaps, but essentially these are lies. The patient agrees to one thing, but in the end she is told: “All is well, but in your case, we’ll have to make a tiny weeny cut, but we will make it very hard to spot.” The truth is, plastic surgery methods have  been known and remained practically unchanged for a long time. And if someone wants to experiment, they have to do it in the lab, not try unproven techniques on unsuspecting patients. We always discuss all issues with our patients openly, so that they have an adequate and complete understanding. We have our own clinic where we can perform operations of any complexity and provide round the clock monitoring and care. We use the best supplies, modern implants – we never attempt to scrimp on quality and risk the patient’s well-being.

The clinic’s interior design adds present day’s energy to the charm of the historic Old Arbat building

— It’s nice to have a great suture kit, but then you need to have a skilled hand to  use it…

— In this regard, all I can say about my colleagues is that each of them is a first-rate professional. Most of them continue working at public health centers, including Sklifosovsky Institute. In the world of Russian health professionals, this fact is a very high accolade unto itself.

We’ve got anesthesiologists with decades of experience under their belts, also the operating room nurse. Don’t be fooled by the word “nurse”. In the operating room, this is the second most significant member of the personnel. And ours has been working in the plastic surgery field for over 15 years and, take my word, is more experienced than many practicing surgeons in the country. Long story short, I can say that I have as much confidence in each of our employees as in myself.

— But are you are planning to practice as well?

— Of course. The main part of a plastic surgeon’s job is at the operating table. Fortunately, we have enough professionals capable of doing the managerial and administrative work.

— Best medical supplies and implants, highly competent doctors – all this must be expensive. How competitive are the prices for the services of your department?

— We don’t go penny-pinching on materials and professionalism. And these aren’t the only items making up of the final cost. Fortunately, the clinic has its own space, a multi-specialty hospital, which does not require additional costs. All this influences  our prices and makes our services more affordable. Then again, you have to  understand that every clinic must make a profit. And if the breast implant cost is, let’s say, 100 thousand rubles, the total cost of the operation cannot be less than 160−170 thousand by definition. If someone offers a lower price, they must be cutting on something else in the end… And in my opinion, surgery isn’t the kind of thing you should cut on quality at some point.

So, going back to the issue of cost, our prices for new customers may be even higher than the average for Moscow. But! Things are different for patients of the Unident network, be it a dental or cosmetic clinic. For them we have special discounts up to 50%. And no, this isn’t price dumping. It’s just that we value our loyal customers.

In the meantime

A new cosmetology department recently opened its doors on the premises of Unident dentistry clinic near Planernaya Metro Station (33 Turistskaya ul., Bldg. 2). Nominally a department, in reality this is a full-fledged clinic that provides a comprehensive array of services ranging from laser rejuvenation and correction of facial wrinkles to injection treatment.

For years, Unident has been following the strategy of combining different fields of aesthetic medicine within shared clinical centers. In fact, this has also been a worldwide trend. But for Unident, the foremost reason for this policy has always been the convenience of regular and potential customers who care about their well-being and appearance. The first such joint center was created in February 2015, when the company opened a cosmetology department in the building of the Old Arbat dental clinic. And now beauty services have become even more accessible.


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