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9 September 2017

The first R.O.C.S.5K DentalRun was held in Moscow

On 2 September the sportiest representatives of the dental community of Moscow and several Russian cities gathered in Izmaylovsky Park in order to take part in a unique event — a race of dentists, which started early in the morning, but the participants managed to overcome a distance of 5 kilometers cheerfully and with a smile.

The initiator of the race was the Clinical Director of R.O.C.S. brand Andrey Akulovich, and his close friend, the sportiest dentist Vadim Perevoznikov, conducted the event. Despite almost 200 online registrations, in fact 96 representatives of the dental community took part in the race, which is good enough for the first experience like this. The “Everyone runs” company took the responsibility for organizational issues.

“As doctors, we understand well that a healthy lifestyle is not just a daily routine and the absence of bad habits. It is a whole philosophy and a particular view to the world. We are happy that our initiative was supported by our friends — wonderful talented dentists, who made this day special. It is thanks to them that today a tradition of dental races has appeared, which we are planning to repeat every year” — said Svetlana Matelo, Director of DRC Group, who had run the 5−km race together with all participants.

Not only did all participants get an energy boost and a great mood, but they also received presents from R.O.C.S. The best time among men was achieved by Evgeny Kondratenko (20.45) and the best time among women was achieved by Lika Razina (21.06).

The company is planning to make such races regular and to organize two races in 2018 — in spring and at the beginning of the academic year.


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15 September 2017
Many books are written about Moscow. Thousands of poems and songs are dedicated to the city. Countless images of it can be found in graphic arts and cinematography. The capital has been transforming from one era to another. Like a human being, the city changed its temper and moods with age, however, at all times it maintained its unique atmosphere. Every person, be it a Muscovite or a visitor, had, has and will have his or her own Moscow: favorite places and routes, warm memories and nostalgic feelings
7 September 2017
The Unident Dentistry clinic chain and RUDN (The People’s Friendship University of Russia) have signed an agreement to open a multi-discipline university clinic and a joint training center. Starting from September 1, 2017, Unident classes will accept senior students of the University’s Orthopedic Dentistry Department. The joint center will operate under a double name: Unident-RUDN.
5 September 2017
Everyone is interested in what, and, most importantly, why people read. It is especially curious to pose this question to people for whom reading is an important part of life. We asked UNIDENT employees, enthusiastic about literature, to choose among hundreds of works the five books that they could call the most relevant nowadays
23 August 2017
Popularity of online dental shops has been increasing every year, and it is not surprising: it is convenient, fast and easy. However, there are those who still have doubts about the reliability of online shopping. Especially when it comes not to purchasing proven consumables that are well-known by the doctor, but to choosing something new.
26 July 2017
#QuittingNow is a project invented by businessman and football player Denis Timakov, who once quit smoking as a bet with his coach. In his experience, knowing how difficult it is to stay away from cigarettes, Timakov developed an all-Russian game that any smoker can take part in. The chain of dental clinics “Unident” willingly joined the initiative #QuittingNow for several reasons. First, the problem of smoking in Russia really is very acute, and it is not in a position to solve simple social advertising.

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