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9 May 2020

The Russian brand R.O.C.S is now available for order on the global iHerb platform

R.O.C.S has become the first Russian brand represented by iHerb at the international level. This was announced by Ilya Mikin, iHerb CEO in Russia, and Svetlana Matelo, the Head of commercial and industrial group of companies “Diarsi”.

iHerb global online store has announced the launch of sales of more than 20 items of R.O.C.S products in all regions of the iHerb marketplace.

“It is very important to us that one of the oral-care market leaders, which products meet the highest international quality standards, has become the first Russian brand on the site. The company's products are certified in many countries around the world. We are confident that our cooperation with the R.O.C.S brand will be productive and mutually beneficial — comments Ilya Mikin, iHerb CEO in Russia. I would like to note that in the context of the international crisis and economic insecurities, entry into the international e-commerce market is an extremely difficult step for the international business development of Russian companies. I am very glad that our team provides such an opportunity for Russian manufacturers, making their products available to customers from more than 150 countries.”

We hope that iHerb customers around the world will appreciate the quality of the products of the Russian brand R.O.C.S, the key characteristics of which are naturalness, efficiency, and safety.

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20 September 2020
Experts predict the second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19), accompanied by seasonal respiratory viral infections and influenza in autumn. The doctors are required to strengthen safety measures in clinics. We would like to bring to your attention additional preventive measures recommended by WHO to protect the personnel and patients of dental clinics.
17 March 2020
R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro is a toothpaste made specifically for use with advanced electric toothbrushes, which are gaining ground all over the world.
R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro contains a mineral complex, which is a source of calcium, phosphor, and magnesium (all three being structural elements of tooth enamel), and 12% xylitol.
24 February 2020
In terms of hit exhibitions that attract visitors from many countries — including Russia — in the fall of 2018 Vienna was the undisputed leader among the European capitals. Next to the posters announcing Monet and Bruegel, a bizarre giraffe on a blue background stood out in stark contrast, staring at passers-by with almost human eyes.
30 January 2020
With the support of Unident, the 47th meeting of Moscow Dental Discussion Club was held, and we congratulate all its participants! We thank the specialists for their unique lectures, it was a great educational day!
29 January 2020
If in 2005, marketers were asked if it was worth launching a brand with such a concept as R.O.C.S., they would have answered: crazy idea, people won’t understand. High-tech formulas, expensive production – why all this when there are proven business schemes? Svetlana Matelo, Head of DRC group of companies, speaks of how to achieve success by breaking patterns.

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