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9 November 2018

Technology in details

Dental clinic of the Ministry of Defense is now fully equipped

The dental clinic of the Ministry of Defense has reopened after the reconstruction. The renovated medical complex is now a fully equipped multifunctional medical center, capable of handling on its own all tasks related to diagnostics, treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation of patients.

Facade of the clinic overlooks the Garden Ring

pieces of equipment were supplied by UNIDENT

UNIDENT was in charge of equipping the medical center; the company supplied and installed more than 150 pieces of equipment. In terms of equipment, the clinic is one of the most advanced ones in the capital.

The dental center’s own diagnostic department is equipped with all types of modern X-ray apparatus. The most complex studies are conducted here with the aid of a Carestream Dental three-dimensional computer tomograph. The equipment is of great help to maxillofacial surgeons, implantologists and orthodontists in designing the most accurate treatment plan. A 3D image allows to see on the screen a three-dimensional jaw model in all projections and at any angle. And the doctor can examine all tissues separately layer by layer.

All treatment rooms of the clinic are equipped with X-ray units for spot radiography. This way the doctor can control the treatment process at any stage. Besides, the patient does not even need to leave the dental chair to use the x-ray—the equipment is within reach of each doctor of the clinic.

 Treatment under general anesthesia is now in now fully implemented in the dental center. This method is indicated for patients in a number of cases, among which is an extensive treatment program, inability to use local anesthesia or panic attack when it comes to dental procedures. Despite being of high demand, general anesthesia is not available in every clinic. It can be explained by the necessity to expand the staff with subject matter specialists and equip the operating room with sophisticated equipment


The operating room is equipped with everything necessary for performing manipulations under general anesthesia

Total area of the clinic is 2,000 square meters

The clinic is equipped with all types of dental lasers. Equipment by Biolase—a recognized leader in the area of dental lasers—expands the range of treatment options. In many cases a laser can replace a drill or a scalpel. In addition, the patient, even though he or she is not a specialist, can feel the difference between laser and traditional dentistry perfectly well. The laser is indicated, for example, for dental treatment in pregnant women, when both anesthesia and stress from painful manipulations must be avoided.

Residential Building of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR” built in 1947, where the clinic is located today, is included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of regional significance. The building was designed by one of the most sought-after architects of the Soviet Union—Lev Rudnev, who also built the famous Moscow “Stalin’s skyscrapers”. After commissioning of the building, the architect got there an apartment himself

The treatment rooms of the clinic are equipped with dental microscopes. It is well known that the use of a microscope allows a more accurate and high-quality treatment. Most often, magnification is required when working with root canals. However, microscopes are also of use for therapists. Magnification allows for more effective treatment of caries or diagnostics of problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Cracks in the teeth, for instance.

Strict compliance with aseptic techniques and sanitary-epidemiological regime is ensured by the Centralized Sterilization Department (CSD) established in the clinic. It is equipped with the most advanced equipment for high-quality disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments and devices. The complete complex of the CSD also includes Steelco washers, which provide high-quality preparation of reusable instruments for sterilization. This important complex allows to minimize the risk of cross infection between patients and the clinic staff.

Protection against infections also lies with the multifunctional Castellini units, which exercise multi-level infection control. Equipping the unit with hygiene-related systems creates an additional barrier to cross infection. Dental chairs make all procedures extremely comfortable both for the doctor and the patient

Among the most important features of the medical center is its own dental prosthetic laboratory with 10 workplaces. The laboratory uses digital technologies, including 3D prototyping, and has a high-precision milling center. The cutting-edge technologies allow for minimization of the order waiting time, ensuring of perfect color reproduction and high quality of products. The laboratory has its own foundry, allowing not only to accelerate the production process but also to fully control all work stages.

The basement of the dental clinic accommodates aspiration and compressor stations to ensure uninterrupted operation of the facility. Advantages of the equipment include low noise and vibration, which was extremely important for compliance with the rules for its installation in a residential building, especially one classified as the object of cultural heritage.



New laser dentistry technologies are available to patients of the clinic


After the renovation, interiors preserved the authentic style

After the renovation, interiors preserved the authentic style

Castellini dental chairs provide an extra level of infectious safety

Accents in the laconic design of the cabinets are set by Italian brands: original furniture by Dental Art and Castellini chairs

Uninterrupted operation of the equipment is ensured by in-house aspiration and compressor stations

Treatment with the microscope is the gold standard of dentistry

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24 December 2018
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