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17 October 2016

The real benefit of virtual learning

Text: Evgeniya Surkina
Photo: The Press Center of Moscow City Governmen

A new specialized center for training and retraining of medical specialists has been opened in Moscow. The center provides opportunities for training and treatment of typical and rare diseases, different situational training exercises on virtual patients that will help improve the quality of medical care in general and reduce the number of medical errors.

The simulation center at the City Clinical Hospital (CCH) named after S.P. Botkin was opened in October. Its creation had taken about three years of hard work.

Now it is a fully realized educational institution with a full set of equipment and training programs located on the territory of two thousand square meters. The center has no analogues in Russia and CIS.

Specialists of different professional level, such as hospital physicians and interns, medical practitioners, nursing staff, emergency personnel and caregivers for the elderly, will be able to complete development of competence training.

“There are tens of thousands doctors and other medical personnel in Moscow,” the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin says. “They must constantly prove their knowledge, skills. Moreover, considering the fact that new technology appears, new equipment is bought annually, they need to improve their skills. And this center will help them do it, “ the mayor said.

The medical simulation center is a multidisciplinary virtual hospital with laparoscopic and robotic surgery, resuscitation and intensive therapy, orthopedy and traumatology, emergency medicine and other departments. Its facilities are equipped with the most advanced training technologies: a complex of simulators, electronic phantoms and interactive equipment.

The Chief Physician of City Clinical Hospital named after S. P. Botkin, Aleksey Shabunin, noted that there are over 100 cutting edge simulators in the 50 trends of high-tech care.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at the opening of the center


Simulators fully imitate the human anatomical structure, including that of a newborn baby

The robots can simulate any clinical situation and respond to any manipulation extremely realistically. The simulators fully reproduce human anatomy and physiological functions (e.g. heartbeat, breathing, blinking, and excretory functions), demonstrate verbal reaction, that is, they are able to call for help, to report their state. The robots also record all activities of health care workers and give a step-by-step report on the performed manipulations later.

In addition to manual skills great attention is paid to the psychological aspect of the interaction between a doctor and a patient. As noted by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on the Issues of Social Development, Leonid Pechatnikov, it has been planned to attract actors and students of theater schools to the training process. They will play the roles of patients to simulate a variety of diseases and to resort to various manners of communication with a doctor, to simulate a conflict situation. It will allow initiating doctors not only into practical skills, but also into correct behavior in different situations, ability to reassure patients and prepossess them.

To date, more than 20 training programs have been developed and ready to use. The training will be carried out by leading experts in healthcare, professors of medical schools and practitioners. In the future the center will be able to grant admission to up to 20 thousand doctors and nurses a year.


Da Vinci robot-assisted surgical system DA VINCI


Da Vinci surgical system is a complex robotic platform consisting of three consoles, namely a surgeon, a patient and technical vision. The surgeon sits at the console, sees the operation site in 3D with multiple zooming in the stereo viewfinder and begins to use special joysticks (manipulators) to control the system. All movements of the surgeon’s hands are converted via the manipulators into precise hand movements of the robot with miniature instruments. One of the hands of the robot holds the camcorder, transferring the image of the operation site, the other two reproduce the surgeon’s movement in real time, while the fourth hand performs the functions of an assistant.

Miniature tools and a camera located on the console of the patient are introduced into the patient’s body through incisions (1−2 cm). A particular set of tools is applied for each type of operations. During the operation, the assistant situated in the patient’s console, helps the surgeon with switching between tools. The assistant sees the same image as that of the surgeon on the touch screen console of the technical vision. The technical vision console contains video and processing center. Da Vinci system is totally under control of the surgeon and cannot work independently.

Jiliya Reimbayeva,
project manager of MedImport company


A unique da Vinci robotic surgery simulator for carrying out operations requiring high precision is included in delivery. It excludes any error in movements, such as trembling of the surgeon’s hands. The surgeon works with manipulators, and high precision instruments work with the patient. We know that such equipment is already present in Moscow. But since it is rare and usually overloaded and expensive, there might not be an opportunity to study there. Now there is a place in Moscow where you can learn to work with this equipment without any risk for real patients.

We have also installed a system of management of the whole training center. The center is controlled by Learning Space, a high-tech hardware-software complex that includes databases, cameras and microphones. All the facilities of the center are equipped with them, which allows conducting surveillance, recording learning process, analyzing the actions of specialists and logging possible errors.



MedImport Сompany is a part of UNIDENT Group of Companies and specializes in technological designing of buildings and structures, including construction and complex technical equipment, modernization and re-equipment of health facilities. Many years of experience with both private and public hospitals enable the company to implement projects of different levels of complexity.  A separate branch of activity of MedImport is designing, building or redesigning of pharmaceutical plants to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards onturnkey basis), as well as the delivery of automated lines.

The practice of work on the hardest problems formed a high-class young team of professionals, capable of coping with a task of any complexity. Knowledge, scientific research and experimental development enable us to offer design solutions, combining high quality and maximum ergonomics, to our clients.

When implementing refurbishing or new construction the experts apply a comprehensive approach and create a unique program for each object, the one which includes only modern technology and precisely defines all the necessary steps, from design, supply of equipment and materials to construction, start-up and adjustment works and putting the facility into operation.

All the supplied medical products are delivered with the appropriate registration certificates, certificates of conformance, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion certificates and certificates according to obligatory requirements of the applicable Russian legislation. All equipment is provided with guarantee and post- guarantee technical service and advice from the experts in the proper scope.

Having worked in this field for many years and knowing thoroughly the advantages and disadvantages of each of the manufacturers, MedImport, as an independent systems integrator, is free in the objective selection for the equipped object. The company creates designs, optimal for the customer and relevant both to his wishes and the realities of the environment where they will be used.

Sharing the care of medical professionals about their patients’ health and introducing modern innovative technologies, MedImport strives to create the best conditions for doctors and patients.


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