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17 September 2018

R.O.C.S. takes part in the International Volunteer Mission in Jamaica

The mysterious word ‘Jamaica’ conjures up visions of a distant tropical island of paradise with snowy beaches and impenetrable jungle. Although there are beaches and jungle the real life is far from paradise. Jamaica is a relatively poor country with less developed healthcare industry and large percentage of very poor people. There is a fairly acute problem with dentistry: just 70 dentists per 2.8 million inhabitants. Most of dentists provide paid services only, and 80% of people can hardly afford to make use of such services. Admittedly, there are state hospitals but appointments are booked for the next few years. “Do you want to have your teeth attended? We may set up your appointment for 2020”. That is why many people are deprived of timely assistance, and volunteer missions appear to be the only solution.

This year the international volunteer mission was organized under the auspices of IADS (International Association of Dental Students) and JADSS (Jamaican Association of  Dental Surgery Students). It brought together doctors, students, attending physicians from Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Finland and Russia to help Jamaicans in need. Mobile dental clinics equipped with all the necessary equipment for healing dental caries, dental extraction and hygiene were established in Montego Bay and Falmouth under the project. Of course, pain management and relief is important but preventive care is equally important to improve dental health of public. That is why apart from treatment volunteers taught children and teens how to maintain hygiene and gave them R.O.C.S. personal hygiene products.

Each day more than 100 people received necessary help. And over 2 weeks of the project assistance was given to more than 800 people. The project was supported by various international organizations, the Ministry of Health of Jamaica and commercial companies.

R.O.C.S. encouraged the initiative and sent a Russian volunteer to take part in the project as well as provided its products and shared experience in raising public awareness and training population.

In summer 2019 a more ambitious and long-term project will be launched. Keep track of news updates on Facebook page of International Association of Dental Students -IADS- and participate in the project next year.

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3 October 2018
Dental Expo 2018 ― the 44th Moscow International Dental Exhibition took place from 24 to 27 September. One of the biggest key industry shows was held at Crocus Expo Exhibition Center in Moscow. We thank event promoters, partners, and guests who took time to visit our booths. See you at Dental Salon.
9 July 2018
International Dentistry Association is an association of young dentists and students is now in its sixth year. Today IDA is represented in 16 Russian cities and 3 countries (Armenia and Jordan apart from Russia). There are over 5,500 people in the association including its members, volunteers, and activists who implement various projects of the youth organization countrywide.
20 June 2018
About the 3rd International Chamber Music Festival VIVARTE organised by the U-Art: You and Art Foundation jointly with the State Tretyakov Gallery. Six chamber music concerts were held in the Vrubel Hall. Each concert programme was associated with an exhibition of one masterpiece from the vaults of Tretyakov Gallery with descriptions from the leading gallery custodians. VIVARTE festival ended with a “musical promenade”.
5 June 2018
This story began in Bologna, where everything breathes with science and art and where famous University of Bologna that saw Kopernik, Petrarca and Michelangelo is situated. Almost a century ago, in 1935, Italian engineer Aldo Castellini founded a small company for dental equipment production under his own name here.
10 March 2018
The DRC Group has conquered the markets of 45 countries of the world with their products, made using their own unique research and production technologies. The company’s range of products includes oral care brands, cosmetics, medicinal products, and intimate hygiene brands. The company owns 50 patents that are valid throughout the world. All of this is thanks to the breakthroughs made at their own research laboratories. Marketing promotions are based on the clinical effectiveness of the products. How exactly did this business model lead to the company’s success? This is what we discussed with Svetlana Matelo, PhD and the CEO of the DRC group of commercial and industrial companies

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