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17 March 2020

R.O.C.S.® introducing new products

R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro is a toothpaste made specifically for use with advanced electric toothbrushes, which are gaining ground all over the world.
The toothpaste is based on a special formula developed for use with PHILIPS SONICARE KIDS, an innovative electric toothbrush for children. R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro contains a mineral complex, which is a source of calcium, phosphor, and magnesium (all three being structural elements of tooth enamel), and 12% xylitol.
The formula provides effective protection from cavities and makes young enamel stronger, whiter, and shinier. It contributes to remineralization at the white-spot stage of tooth decay. Its complex extract of aspen (Pópulus trémula) protects gums from inflammation and bleeding. Special silica crystals allow delicate and thorough cleaning of hardto-reach areas. The toothpaste is suitable for regular daily use. It can be used with a standard toothbrush, if necessary.

R.O.C.S. ® KIDS Electro & Whitening Toothpaste

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19 January 2021

It seems that everyone is in search of a brighter and more engaging smile. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, “the tooth whitening industry rakes in over $11 billion annually.” Obviously, there is serious interest in this form of self-improvement.
24 February 2020
In terms of hit exhibitions that attract visitors from many countries — including Russia — in the fall of 2018 Vienna was the undisputed leader among the European capitals. Next to the posters announcing Monet and Bruegel, a bizarre giraffe on a blue background stood out in stark contrast, staring at passers-by with almost human eyes.
30 January 2020
With the support of Unident, the 47th meeting of Moscow Dental Discussion Club was held, and we congratulate all its participants! We thank the specialists for their unique lectures, it was a great educational day!
29 January 2020
If in 2005, marketers were asked if it was worth launching a brand with such a concept as R.O.C.S., they would have answered: crazy idea, people won’t understand. High-tech formulas, expensive production – why all this when there are proven business schemes? Svetlana Matelo, Head of DRC group of companies, speaks of how to achieve success by breaking patterns.
23 January 2020
In 2019, the Unident Group celebrated its 25th anniversary. The anniversary of the group’s first company, which opened in Moscow in April 1994. It is not that much by world standards, but it is not a short time by Russian standards either. Although the group has long been measuring itself by the standards of international companies, it does not change its traditions and principles of work.

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