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18 October 2019

R.O.C.S.® introducing new products

R.O.C.S.® Baby Apple

The new R.O.C.S.® Baby Apple toothpaste for kids is created for natural and safe protection of teeth and gums since kids’ birth. Xylitol (10%) and alginate refined from brown seaweeds protect from bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum inflammation—it has been clinically proven. To allow especially delicate care during teething and to lower allergy risks, the toothpaste contains a quince fruit extract known for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory qualities. The flavorant produced from natural components gives the toothpaste a soft taste of natural applesauce, which the babies will enjoy during toothbrushing.

R.O.C.S.® Baby Apple Toothpaste


R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro is a toothpaste made specifically for use with advanced electric toothbrushes, which are gaining ground all over the world.

The toothpaste is based on a special formula developed for use with PHILIPS SONICARE KIDS, an innovative electric toothbrush for children. R.O.C.S. ® PRO KIDS Electro contains a mineral complex, which is a source of calcium, phosphor, and magnesium (all three being structural elements of tooth enamel), and 12% xylitol.  The formula provides effective protection from cavities and makes young enamel stronger, whiter, and shinier. It contributes to remineralization at the white-spot stage of tooth decay. Its complex extract of aspen (Pópulus trémula) protects gums from inflammation and bleeding. Special silica crystals allow delicate and thorough cleaning of hardto-reach areas. The toothpaste is suitable for regular daily use. It can be used with a standard toothbrush, if necessary.

R.O.C.S. ® KIDS Electro & Whitening Toothpaste


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23 December 2019
On some occasions looking merely good just doesn’t cut it: only fabulous does. A birthday party, an Oscar ceremony, a romantic dinner – everyone has their own list of most significant events. The question is, how do you  get ready for it when there is absolutely no time? We decided to ask cosmetologists. After all, who else would know the algorithms of beauty?
18 September 2019
Forget dead-white interiors with every detail a merciless reminder of your visit's goal. A 21st century dental clinic is a comfortable and cozy space, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and where you want to come back to. This approach brings more visitors and just plain looks nice
18 June 2019
There is an intense struggle for the customer in the Russian pharmacy market, and especially in the capital region. The reputation that the young chains Unifarma and Rosapteka enjoy is to a great extent owed to excellent customer service. What is involved in this concept, and how does the company adhere to the chosen strategy?
13 June 2019
U-Art grants were awarded for the third time as part of the foundation’s program to support Tretyakov Gallery’s researchers. Romantic-era movements in Russia and Germany and the Italian photography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are the research topics that received U-Art grants this year.
27 May 2019
For the period of 18 to 19 May of 2019 with the assistance of R.O.C.S. the 4th Annual Congress on Pediatric Dentistry in Vienna was held in the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. Overall, more than 200 participants came together from around the globe, including Austria, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

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