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3 July 2021

R.O.C.S. at Bike-off-Road Challenge 2021

In early June, the 17th Bike-off-Road Challenge, the largest bike racing adventure in Russia, was held in the Solotchinsky district, Ryazan region with the support of R.O.C.S.

There were almost 900 applications to participate in the race, despite the location of the competition being farther away from Moscow than its usual place. Participants came from various regions of Russia and even foreign countries For many, this race has become a family event, since everyone can take part in it. This year, the balance bikes distance was added to the list of disciplines, for the little ones to participate.

BIKE-off-ROAD Challenge is an annual open bike racing adventure held in the Moscow region. The distance of the race mainly passes outside settlements and off paved roads. Cyclists of various levels of training take part in this race: both amateurs and sportsmen.

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10 July 2021
We are glad to inform that new lines of SGS Dental implants with a cone angle of 8 degrees screw connector have been marketed in Russia. It builds an antimicrobial barrier as well as strengthens the implant stability. Today, the conical connection is considered the most progressive solution. We gladly would like to introduce you to the new products.
18 June 2021
Carestream DENTAL has updated the software for the EVO Edition of the CS 8100 series of 3D CT scanners. The new CT Imaging software of version 8 provides better visualization — the entire anatomy of the jaw is displayed in one image along with a completely new imaging engine.
27 May 2021
The Dental Salon exhibition has convinced us once again: even the most user-friendly and intelligent technologies cannot yet replace face-to-face communication. Not for us, not for our clients and partners. We were glad to welcome the stand visitors, and the work of professional community at this exhibition has pleasantly surprised us.
26 February 2021
Quality dentistry, closer to you
UNIDENT Group of Companies has launched a new network of dental clinics in Moscow under the BrainMark Dental Studio brand. Today there are four departments: not far from the Velozavodskaya, Seligerskaya, Borisovo and Shchelkovskaya metro stations, and there are new clinics to be built
15 February 2021
An unusual Unipharma pharmacy was opened in Moscow
Fitoteka, a pharmacy of a new format that popularizes herbal medicine, was opened in Moscow Dream Island amusement park. Fitoteka comes from Germany. It was invented and brought to the market by the owner of the Bionorica SE company Prof. Michael Popp. In Moscow it’s being launched on the basis of the Unipharma network of pharmacies.

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