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23 January 2020

Quarter-century milestone

In 2019, the Unident Group celebrated its 25th anniversary. The anniversary of the group’s first company, which opened in Moscow in April 1994. It is not that much by world standards, but it is not a short time by Russian standards either. Although the group has long been measuring itself by the standards of international companies, it does not change its traditions and principles of work. We have asked employees of the group, who have been working for the company for many years, about the traditions, goals and features of working at Unident, which, in their opinion, underlie the success of the group today.


Dealership Manager 
has been working at Unident for 23 years

I would name the cohesive team of people who have been working here for many years as one of the main factors of the company's success. For example, in the department I head most of the employees have been working there for about 10−15 years. And it is very valuable: people trust the company, they feel stability. Many of my colleagues have found like-minded people and friends here. I remember how the basic principles of work were laid in the first years of the company’s existence that live on to this day. And the times when we took turns preparing meals for each other in the kitchen and setting the tables. How we celebrated New Year together. And the company’s main principle — family values, the feeling that we are all a family — has remained the same.

Over the twenty-five years of operation, the company has gained a lot of experience. Many lines of work in various fields have been launched and a large number of complex and important projects have been completed. But, of course, the most valuable experience usually comes along with mistakes or difficulties. We can say that we have gone through all the trials and tribulations.

The main challenges for the company, in my opinion, were the two world economic crises— I mean the 1998 and 2008 events. I remember that in 1998 many companies from among both our partners and our competitors could not persist and had to close the business. We did have our difficulties, but we have moved past those. In addition, looking back, we can say that both crises gave us impetus for development. The main advantages that a company gets after experiencing such shocks are its “nerves of steel” and understanding of how to face new challenges.

Our company never stands still. It has always been important for us to set goals, achieve them and set new goals right away. I think it is very important that Unident does not stop at any particular stage of development. We always strive to deepen our knowledge, to learn and develop. We have a lot of young people in our office, I would say — youth who bring modern trends and ideas. Our company always welcomes an innovative approach.

However, it is possible that the most striking feature that distinguishes us from other companies is a passion for art. Even representatives of large foreign corporations are always surprised at the scale of the events organized and supported by Unident. Some prefer classical music, others like avant-garde painting, but everyone understands the common language of art. Besides the fact that many employees share this passion, it gives us a lot from the business point of view — and not only in working with partners. It is important that you appreciate the work you do. We work in the field of medicine, develop technologies, support art. And the fact that our employees respect what they do, in my opinion, is the main source of potential for the company's development.

The most important part is the feeling that we are all one family here

Head of X-ray Equipment
has been working at Unident for 22 years

Common values: professionalism, decency, respect for the partner, working for the long-term benefit. Here, decisions are made not from the point of view of minor momentary gain, but taking into account long-term development, when each step not only develops success, but also lays the foundation for the future.

The following concepts are usually applied to people: biological and psychological age. Now, if this is projected onto the business, then the “psychological age” of the company is determined by its active mentality, a fresh approach to both new and old questions and adequate response to positive and negative external factors. As long as all this remains, the company is young and successful. And today I see that Unident has kept the ability to respond to change creatively. Someone may consider the average age of employees as a criterion for the youth of a company, others — the number of smiles you see entering the office. This criterion is okay, but it seems to me that the optimum measure is the ratio of the growth of the company to the speed of response.

The «biological age» of the company also has many advantages. For example, a young company rejoices in every success and is keenly aware of every failure, the future looks vague for it, and forecasts are based on optimistic hopes. And when you have 25 years of work behind you — it's like climbing a mountain and looking from a height at the distance traveled and the road ahead. Situations that are unclear, dangerous, unpredictable for a young company, have long been routine and “run-of-the-mill” for us. It can also be compared to chess. After all, chess players employ many ready-to-use schemes based on their own experience and the experience of colleagues. So we analyze situations, both successful and not so much, categorize them, learn our lessons and subsequently take methods and solutions from the “success shelf” in order to deal with a similar situation quicker in the future, preclude mistakes and achieve more.

The team spirit is also being formed. Although Unident is a large company with many divisions, the key employees’ extensive experience of cooperation helps to feel confident even in difficult situations. If I need to develop a tactic for working with contractors, I understand that I can count not only on the resources of my team, but also predict how the legal and financial departments will act. I don’t have to ask everyone every time: “What will you do? Can you do this?” I can make a sure promise to partners, knowing that colleagues will not let me down. That's very valuable.

has been working at Unident for 23 years


I joined the company in 1997, the third year of its operation. The whole team, including, of course, the management, was made up of young and extremely ambitious people. The plans they set were grand. And when they began to recruit people, they were very careful in the selection of personnel. They considered personal qualities more than professional skills: decency, responsible attitude to any task, kindness and attention to other people. And then employees were taught everything that was required.

At that time, business in Russia was just starting its development, and there were practically no ready-made professionals. For everybody, it was the first experience of the kind.

A lot of time was dedicated to training: there were many lectures on new technologies, dental equipment and materials. Employees went to training sessions with foreign partners.

A lot of time was dedicated to training: there were many lectures on new technologies, dental equipment and materials. Employees went to training sessions with foreign partners.

A lot has changed in these 25 years, and the market is different now. A new generation of people has grown up, and the company itself has grown. According to my observations, now when selecting new employees, they first of all pay attention to professionalism. Usually HRs look for youth with work experience and new ideas. This is dictated by the market. Now, it seems to me, the time is tougher compared to when we started. Greater competition and higher requirements, so new employees, I think, have it harder.

But even those who came later, not at the very beginning, remain here to work for many years. I think there are two main reasons for this. The first one is their interest in the work itself. As the company develops and one has to solve new tasks, there is no feeling that you are standing still. And the second reason is the careful attitude of the company’s management to employees and of colleagues to one another. When personal problems arose, I was always understood, received support and help from the company management and my colleagues. This is the reason for my long-term work in the company.

In my opinion, the company retained its basic principles. The warm relations between employees, the atmosphere of a family. This, it seems to me, is unusual for businesses today. For example, I know children of many colleagues. Over the years, my colleagues have given birth to and raised wonderful kids. Some of them are university graduates now. There are those who follow in their fathers’ steps. In the anniversary year, I would like to wish the company further prosperity, new achievements in business and new projects.

Original cakes for celebrations — one of the long-standing traditions of the company

We always approach gifts with warmth


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