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23 August 2017

Online purchase

Popularity of online dental shops has been increasing every year, and it is not surprising: it is convenient, fast and easy. However, there are those who still have doubts about the reliability of online shopping. Especially when it comes not to purchasing proven consumables that are well-known by the doctor, but to choosing something new.

Monitoring of the bestsellers in an online shop is an excellent opportunity not only to ensure that your choice was right, but also to broaden your horizons.


So-called conservative consumers prefer offline shopping, because they can come and scrutinize everything on the spot, ask all necessary questions and after that choose the required good. However, modern online shops also offer their customers maximum information on dental products. In some cases it is even possible to learn more online, because sometimes it might be uncomfortable to ask the 101st question to a shop assistant. Eventually, the customer either leaves without the necessary thing, or buys a pig in a poke.

In an online shop the customer may read a complete description of any demonstrated product. So, www.unidentshop.ru, the site of UNIDENT online shop, is daily replenished with information on offered dental materials and equipment.



Evidently, even the fullest description is not always enough for choosing dental products. From time to time alive relationship with a shop assistant is essential. Online consultants of UNIDENT online shop cope with this task easily. Professional managers are ready to answer any question quickly and in detail. In doing so, they will not get distracted by other customers or unloading of delivered goods, as often happens in usual shops.



It is convenient if a shop with a necessary range of dental materials and equipment is within walking distance from the clinic. However, such coincidences are extremely rare, if any. Generally we have to go to the necessary shop, sometimes to the other side of the city, which is a waste of precious time, especially taking into account that the necessary product may be unavailable.

In terms of convenience of ordering, online shops are unquestionable leaders. In UNIDENT online shop you can buy everything you need any time, without leaving your workplace or even from home.



Whatever the size of a shop, its range is inevitably limited. As for unavailable products, it is extremely difficult to obtain full information on them from shop assistants. As regards online shops, their range is much more diverse. At the same time you can examine all products in detail and even scrutinize them on the photo whenever you like.

Sergey Volkhonsky, director for development of direct sales services of UNIDENT company, presented the most popular products from unidentshop.ru



 Dental materials and equipment most often come in a shop from dealers and resellers, which affects not only the price, but sometimes also the quality. It might be impossible to track the history of a product and ensure that it is not fake, but original.

In case of online shops it is much easier. It is enough just to study the information on the company and you can easily order all necessary products or, otherwise, blacklist the seller.

UNIDENT collaborates with more than 100 leading worldwide manufacturers of dental equipment, materials and tools. It is a dealer of internationally known brands, such as Саstellini, Carestream Dental, Biolasе, J. Morita, USF Healthcare, Zhermack, Premier, Sanofi, Dentsply, 3M, and many others.




RC-Prep gel for mechanical expansion of root canals. There is much to be said about the properties of RC-Prep, but the most important thing is that using this material it is much easier for a doctor to perform endodontic treatment thanks to its unique formula, allowing to open calcified canal orifices, which simplifies their further treatment..

Implant Сement eugenol-free fixative cement. This product is considered to be indispensable in implantology. This cement is long-term temporary cement for fixation of crowns on implants or teeth. It is important that this cement does not contain eugenol. The cement structure consists of components which are easily removed ultrasonically, if necessary, without traumatizing the patient.


Traxodent material for gingival hemostasis and retraction. Due to this material retraction takes only two minutes. Traxodent also provides excellent hemostasis, i.e. it stops the bleeding and gingival filtration during retraction. These advantages let the patient feel confident and comfortable.


For the past year popularity of SGS Dental implantation system, which proved itself in Europe long time ago, has increased significantly. The system is easy and understandable for implantologists, and for orthopedists and dental technicians as well. It is characterized by convenient orthopedic components, which offers wide opportunities for prothetics.

Ultracain is articaine and epinephrine in one carpule. It is Ultracain that is considered as a safe anesthetic. In most cases anesthetics are generics regarding their content. As for Ultracain, it is issued in three concentrations. There is also a formula, developed specially for pregnant women and children.


Micro 10+ is a non-aldehydic concentrate for all kinds of dental and surgical tools, which contains inhibitors to protect tools from corrosion, which is effective against bacteria, mycobacterium tuberculosis, candida bacteria, aspergillus, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses and herpes virus.

DENTIRO wipes for the cleaning of surfaces. In this case the choice of doctors can be explained by the fact that the wipes have a broad action spectrum. The presence of QAC in their content allows to use them for a long time without worrying about attenuation of the effect on viruses. It is also important that these wipes do not leave any spots or stains

Vacucid concentrate for the disinfection of aspiration systems. It is intended for the disinfection of dental suction systems and spittoon bowls for the purpose of the prevention from bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral infections (hepatitis B and C and HIV infection) and candidiasis in health-care facilities and dentists’ offices.



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