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10 November 2016

Neurosurgery has become safer

Text: Marina Fedorova

Building 21 of Botkin Clinical Hospital, the famous medical center’s neuropathological surgery department, has opened its doors again after a complete renovation. The remodeling has made it possible to perform minimal intervention surgical procedures and offer patients more advanced and convenient treatment options.

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin with the medical center personnel

The management plans to continue modernizing Botkin Hospital

The facility houses a modern in-patient ward for 124 beds plus 9 neurological ICU beds. High-comfort rooms feature air cooling systems, bedside control panels, and WCs. As the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin pointed out during the opening ceremony, once the entire hospital is renovated, it will become the most modernized one in Moscow, in addition to already being the largest.

“The memories of what the center  looked like before the renovation are still fresh. One room might have accommodated five patients while now it’s never more than three. But what matters even more than comfort is the equipment in the operating rooms,” said the Mayor.

The works took about four years to complete, after which the center has been furnished with more than 1.1 million units of new medical equipment. The large-scale reconstruction project has been accomplished with participation of the MedImport company, which took care of supplying and installing a whole spectrum of medical equipment, including operating tables, surgical and anesthesia control panels, medical ventilators, and patient monitors.

Of particular interest is the new neurosurgical navigation system. According  to MedImport project manager Liliya Reimbaeva, it constitutes one of the most advanced technologies in the field of brain and spine surgery, ENT surgery, traumatology, and orthopedics. The system enables the surgeon to calculate the least traumatic way to the tumor, often located in the difficult to access parts of the brain or spinal cord. All the details of the surgery are recreated and displayed on large monitors, allowing the surgeon to see the exact location of the instrument and view the tumor or aneurysm together with the parts of the brain it affects – areas responsible for hands or feet movement, speech centers, etc. Combining these data with previously obtained CT scans, the system helps to precisely calculate the surgeon’s manipulations during the operation.

The newly renovated building has already opened for patients

In the past, these complex movements used to be performed only by means of craniotomy, and the hospital stay therefore used to last about three weeks. Now, post-operational patients will be able to return home within 3−5 days, thanks to the advanced equipment that minimizes surgical invasion. At the same time, most sophisticated surgical procedures become more precise and effective, while patient risk and recovery period are reduced.

In addition to a powerful microscope and the neuronavigation system, the operating room is also equipped with modern telecommunications devices. The operating lights have built-in video cameras, and the microscope — cameras and an audio system. The technology makes it easy to train new surgeons and enables operating personnel  to consult with leading experts around the world in real time. The new operating unit, according to Botkin Hospital’s Head Physician Alexey Shabunin, allows to perform more than a thousand procedures per year.

The renovated building also houses an integrated vascular center, where heart disease patients receive their treatment. The reconstruction plans specifically provided for moving the center’s many units, previously scattered throughout the hospital’s many buildings, to a single location at the neurosurgery ward. Placing all related services in one spot will help provide better medical care to patients with stroke. In the past, Dr. Shabunin reveals, hemorrhagic stroke almost certainly meant disability for 50% of the patients. Thanks to modern equipment, today this risk has decreased by at least 20%, and the maximum possible number of patients with this diagnosis getting treatment has increased from 1,100 to 2,000 persons annually.

The new neurosurgical navigation system



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