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18 January 2019

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Dsclinic on Arbat got an advanced teeth whitening center

Teeth Whitening Center of Professor Akulovich has opened in the Unident dental clinic on Arbat. Today it is the most advanced Russian center of this kind. It is equipped with the best teeth whitening devices, the cutting edge gadgets for dental photo and color protocol and uses the state-of-the-art technology

The teeth whitening center will work on the basis of the well-known Unident dental clinic

The new whitening center is located in a historic building on Arbat


It’s just the beginning

Andrei Viktorovich Akulovich
dentist of the highest qualification category, Candidate of Medical Science, professor. President of the Society for the Study of Color in Dentistry. Consul of the Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) in Russia. British Dental Bleaching Society Gold member, Member of the Board of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. Clinical Director of the R.O.C.S. Brand

The color of teeth is one of the main components of dental aesthetics. But at the same time very little attention is still being given in our country to the issues of color correction and understanding how to correctly determine the dental color. Professor Andrei Akulovich, head of the new Center, explained to us why this is happening.

“Teeth whitening procedure is not that simple as it may seem at first glance,” says Andrei Akulovich. “It has a huge number of nuances, without understanding which you can’t succeed. The doctor must know which techniques are harmless and most effective and be able to work with sophisticated equipment. And, of course, to get a beautiful and sustainable result, you need to apply special techniques.”

Most often, an integrated approach is required: first, perform professional cleaning procedure, then high-quality whitening at the clinic, and after that properly maintain the color at home, follow each step in the treatment procedure. And only then will we get a good result. But only a few doctors fully understand the proper management of patients.

Another reason for underdevelopment of teeth whitening lies in the poor equipment of the rooms themselves. Only a few Russian clinics are equipped with everything necessary for full-scale work with color. After all, in addition to proper modern devices, you also need to have good photographic equipment for documentation, special gadgets and instruments necessary to correctly determine the color.

And, generally speaking, only with the opening of Professor Akulovich’s Teeth Whitening Center, Russian patients now have the opportunity to receive comprehensive high-quality services for such an important parameter as the teeth color. “We have occupied a niche that will be relevant for a very long time. I think that everything is just getting started in this area,” Andrei Akulovich believes.



Technical equipment of the center allows to detail the teeth color down to the smallest shade variations

The center uses only the most advanced equipment.


Mission — possible!

Andrei Akulovich has been working on tooth color issues and whitening technologies for more than 15 years. Every year he trains about a thousand dentists, conducts dozens of master classes, competitions among professionals and students, and gives lectures in Russia and abroad.

In 2012 he founded the Society for the Study of Color in Dentistry, which has long been the representative of the largest international Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD), and Dr. Akulovich himself — the consul of this organization in Russia. The Society for the Study of Color in Dentistry also publishes the Aesthetic Dentistry magazine and carries out lots of other activities in this area. But most of all, the Society is proud of the well-organized real help to practicing doctors: today any dentist who joined its ranks can get online advice on a difficult color situation almost in real time. Dr. Akulovich believes that the main mission of the Society is the development of aesthetic dentistry in Russia and believes that this mission is possible!

Andrei Akulovich personally selected the Center employees from among his student

Philips ZOOM! lamps of the latest generation are used in the Center

The Center uses the ICON method to eliminate local color changes and after-effects of fluorosis

Our technologies

Philips ZOOM! lamps of the newest 4th generation are used in the Center. The system is used with a less concentrated gel based on hydrogen peroxide (no more than 25%) and without ultraviolet, with LED light only, which gives the safest and most gentle lightening of the tooth enamel by several tones. To maintain the color and long-lasting results, the ZOOM! brand offers for patients a home tooth care line.

SmartBleach—photodynamic laser whitening. The only premium bio-whitening. The “bio” prefix means that the procedure does not have any harmful effects on human tissues and systems, including tooth enamel. SmartBleach—whitening with “green” light—allows to remove even those deepest stains that are not accessible by other methods. Besides, it is the most comfortable method of clinical whitening to date.

Oksana Vereshchagina
Medical Director of Unident Stomatology network

I am sure that opening of Professor Akulovich’s Teeth Whitening Center is a significant step in popularizing aesthetic dentistry in general. We are very pleased that this project was launched in partnership with our dental network. Teeth whitening is a service that is becoming increasingly popular and relevant, and we want to create an unconditional quality standard in this area. Our credo is to strive for excellence in any branch of dentistry. Therefore, we cooperate with the leading experts in each area. Professor Akulovich’s long-term experience in the field of dental aesthetics and teeth whitening in particular and his enormous authority combined with the high service quality standards that distinguish Unident Stomatology clinics allow us to create a teeth whitening center that is unprecedented in quality.”

There are situations when improvement of color imperfections of the tooth enamel requires other correction methods instead of whitening. The center’s activities include elimination of local discolorations—brown and white spots. Treatment of consequences of fluorosis, hypoplasia with the use of enamel microabrasion, treatment of caries with deep infiltration at the stage of white spots—according to the ICON method.


In charge of color

A unique team has gathered at the Moscow Teeth Whitening Center of Professor Akulovich on Arbat. All doctors were selected by Andrei Viktorovich personally. All of them are his students, all have a great experience in teeth whitening and working with complex colors, all are enthusiasts passionate about what they do.

Zarina Anatolievna Bichikaeva — Candidate of Medical Science, Clinical Consultant of Philips ZOOM! in Russia. Dr. Bichikaeva gives lectures on whitening, has many years of experience in dental aesthetics, and is familiar with all modern techniques and methodologies.

Aleksandr Andreevich Korostelev. Expert in hygiene and whitening, dental hygienist, head of whitening division in one of the largest Moscow clinic networks. Winner of numerous competitions in hygiene and teeth whitening, received professional training in Germany, Sweden, Italy.

Farida Ramzilevna Soltanova. Dentist-orthopedist. Has scientific practice at the University of Girona (Spain) and Montpellier (France) behind her. Extensive practical experience in aesthetic dentistry, as well as in orthodontics and orthopedics, numerous courses on new technologies.

“I am absolutely confident in my team,” says Akulovich. “Of course, our Teeth Whitening Center opened under my name and I will manage patients personally several days a week, oversee the overall work, deal with difficult cases, and offer consultations. But the doctors on my team are professionals and masters of all whitening techniques. You can be completely confident in their experience and expertise.”


Zarina Anatolievna Bichikaeva

Aleksandr Andreevich Korostelev

Farida Ramzilevna Soltanova


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