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22 April 2019

Modern implantology: from «analog» to «digital»

At the beginning of the year the exhibition and congress complex «Expograd Yug» in Krasnodar hosted the first extensive industry event — the V South Russian Implantology Conference, the partner of which was UNIDENT. The attention of participants was focused on the actual topic — analog and digital treatment protocols used in modern orthopedic and implant practice.

The intensive program of surgical and orthopedic sections, which included three authorial courses and parallel master classes (including live-operation of single-stage implantation, planned through a digital protocol, performed by a doctor-surgeon, implantologist Eduard Anchakov) attracted the attention of a large number of specialists.


308 doctors took part in the courses on navigation surgery and soft tissue plastics of Eduard Anchakov and on the digital protocol for implant planning, creation and use of surgical templates of Ruslan Khatit. The author's course “Aesthetic rehabilitation: analog vs digital technologies” of doctor-orthopedic surgeon from Florence Leonardo Bakkerini, moderated by Alexander Baburov, was attended by 324 doctors. A total of 158 orthopedic dentists, surgeons, dental technicians attended parallel sessions of master classes that Ruslan Hatit, Eduard Anchakov, Alexander Baburov, Islam Shikov, Andrey Chernykh and Alexander Mokhov held during two days. During just two days of work 752 specialists visited the event.

At the conference the dental showroom was held for the second time. This year's exposition was presented by 30 leading companies in the industry and covered all areas of modern orthopedic, implant dentistry. UNIDENT's stands introduced visitors to modern SGS implant systems, successfully used by dentists around the world in solving a wide range of clinical problems, and Ultracain — the single original fifth-generation anesthetic that can be performed in three medication forms and allows to manage an effective, safe and predictable anesthesia in a patient with any somatic profile.

The participants of the event were able to take a break from the busy schedule of learning and communicate with colleagues in an informal setting at a party with a wine casino, a bartenders show and Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov's performance (“Ivanushki International”).

From left to right: Vladislav Markelov, Alexander Dzhanhoteli, Ekaterina Maximova, Oleg Ibragimov, Vladimir Adilkhanyan


Member of the Russian sections in the International Federation Of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS) and European Federation For The Advancement Of Anesthesia In Dentistry (EFAAD) 

Since every dentist spends up to ten and sometimes more injections of anesthetic every day, for some doctors anesthesia is becoming such a routine manipulation that it reduces the sense of the importance of its influence on the human body and the risks associated with it.
The conference, in the showroom of which I spent over 20 presentations of Ultracain and pain relief in general over two days, was an occasion to once again talk with colleagues about the importance of minimizing risks to the patient’s health and increasing the efficiency, safety and predictability of local anesthesia. And also to discuss a number of problems associated with anesthesia — from the prevention of exacerbation of somatic diseases in patients at risk to help in case of emergency during an attendance.”


Head of the Practice Center Ross Dent

«Year by year, we are pleased to note how the scale of our conference is growing and the geography of its guests is expanding. This year, experts from the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, the Rostov Region, Adygea, the North Caucasus, the Central part of Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg visited us. We are very pleased that the participants noted the high level of organization of the event, the star staff of the lecturers, the quality reports presented on the author's courses, and the high manufacturability of providing master classes with materials, tools and equipment. And the speakers appreciated the excellent level of training of the participants. In two years we are waiting for colleagues to give them once again the opportunity to get acquainted with the newest technologies in theory and practice in a special, southern-friendly and hospitable atmosphere”


Candidate of Medical Sciences, orthopedic dentist, chief dentist of Ross-Dent, founder of the group of companies Ross-Dent

«The main topic this year was digital technologies, which are now replacing analog technology, accelerate a treatment process and making it more comfortable for a doctor and a patient. We wanted to acquaint guests of the event to the most advanced techniques, show some subtle points of already well-known techniques, and also to give the opportunity to put new knowledge into practice, on phantoms. Based on feedback we have succeeded. The next 6th conference will be held in 2021. For our colleagues we will try to prepare an absolutely unique program, full of novelty and creativity, with the participation of world-class lecturers. Considering our experience in holding large events, it should be very interesting!”


Head of Implantology Department at UNIDENT 

«The South Russian Conference takes a step forward every year: this also applies to the quality of the organization of the event, the level of lectures and master classes, and the number and professionalism of the participants. For us, as an exhibiting company, it is essential that this event has a clear specialization in the field of implantology. This means that we can address directly to our target audience to offer the most modern implant systems for virtually any clinical situation.

It was pleasant to see so many highly qualified specialists who use advanced digital technologies in their work. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to meet and talk with our longstanding partners and provide a basis for for new cooperation. ”


Vladislav Markelov is advising a congress visitor

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29 April 2019
UNIDENT took part in the Dental Salon exhibition, held at Crocus Expo from 22 to 25 April. A wide range of the most high-demand equipment by Russian dentists was presented at several exhibition stands at once. We thank the visitors of our stands for interesting and fruitful communication and present photos from the event.
20 March 2019
The regular open “UNIDENT open” competition for the best doctor among orthodontists and non-orthodontist doctors undergoing residency training in ORTHODONTICS is held by UNIDENT STOMATOLOGY. Winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.
18 January 2019
Teeth Whitening Center of Professor Akulovich has opened in the Unident dental clinic on Arbat. Today it is the most advanced Russian center of this kind. It is equipped with the best teeth whitening devices, the cutting edge gadgets for dental photo and color protocol and uses the state-of-the-art technology
24 December 2018
On 18 December, the Moscow Leningrad Club hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual National Pharmaceutical Rating in 12 nominations, which included more than 1,300 manufacturers and more than 5,800 brands. The large-scale NPR award is based on the sales figures of the entire Russian pharmaceutical market.
9 November 2018
The dental clinic of the Ministry of Defense has reopened after the reconstruction. The renovated medical complex is now a fully equipped multifunctional medical center, capable of handling on its own all tasks related to diagnostics, treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation of patients.

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