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26 December 2016

In the Focus. Press review on the VIVACELLO festival

Text: Maria Fedorova.
Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev, Denis Kusnetsov, Evgeny Evtyukhov

Russian media did not ignore the international cello festival — virtually every concert of the program provoked the interest of journalists, and the artistic director and guests of the festival became the heroes of many publications. Let's summarize the reviews.

Festival of Premieres

Valery Kogan, Boris Andrianov and Arthur Smoljaninov: premiere of play “Rivers and streets. Joseph Brodsky


Over the years, the VIVACELLO festival has gained regular audience and has established itself as one of the most notable events of the concert season. The organizer of the forum is the cultural and charitable foundation U-ART by Iveta Manasherova and Tamaz Manasherov, who have been carrying out important projects in visual and musical arts for many years.



— We will have three premieres this year. It is the premiere of a new version of the Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by the Swiss composer Richard Dubugnon. Richard is very closely connected with Russia, he has a Russian wife and has many friends in Russia, and he speaks Russian. He continued the French tradition in music. His music contains audible Frenchness — from Ravel to Debussy. I have been familiar with his work for a long time; he has played many concerts. Another premiere is expected — it will be a work of Anna Drubich — Kaddish for Cello with orchestra. Anna is a very talented young composer, daughter of Tatyana Drubich and Sergei Solovyov. She wrote music for the film “Anna Karenina" by Sergei Solovyov,  and for a new film by Valery Todorovsky. And the third premiere is Concerto for two cellos and orchestra Antidotum Tarantulae XXI by Giovanni Sollima.

From the interview with Boris Andrianov, 07.11.2016

Complex Music Made Easy

Culture TV channel

The Small Hall of the Conservatory hosted the performance of German duet Cello Duello. Musicians Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Schmidt captivated the audience not only with their high performance skills, but also with positive attitude to life. These German musicians, it seems, never become depressed. This way, with humor and jokes,  is how Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Schmidt perform the most difficult works for cello.

23.11.2016, Lidia Alyoshina

After the premiere: Giovanni Sollima, Vagan Martirosyan and Boris Andrianov

Living Beethoven in One Evening

Cellist David Geringas


Sonata No. 1 is a real Beethoven. Starting from it, youthful and lively, it is interesting to trace the transformation — from a bright, though serious youth, through the romantic experiences of No. 3 to the mature wisdom of No. 5, where the composer no longer needs 32 measures to express himself, he uses short motives. And that makes it more diffcult to play: if you miss something, an understatement appears. It all ends with a grandiose fugue. For me, this is the most relevant program for celebrating my 70 th birthday.

17.11.2016, Yulia Safronova From the interview with David Geringas


First Channel

International star David Geringas will dare to perform the ultimate feat of skill in the music world: the musician will play five Beethoven sonatas at once. Student of Mstislav Rostropovich, he is used to showing the maximum of the possibilities of his instrument. So the great master taught him.

17.11.2016, Olga Pautova

Culture TV channel

Beethoven's five sonatas in a single program is a unique opportunity to go all the creative way of the composer for three hours together with musicians. The first two sonatas, daring and expressive, were written when Beethovene was 26.  Sonata No. 3 is romantic, created 12 years later. And the last two, fundamentally different, were written by Beethoven who was already a mature master.

21.11.2016, Irina Maslennikova


Tarantella in Honor of Casals


Anna Drubich and Evgeny Tonh

The final evening in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall was dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Pablo Casals, and went on a very colorful program. <…> The highlight of the program was the work “The antidote to tarantula XXI” (Antidotum Tarantulae XXI), Concerto for Two Cellos with Orchestra, which was performed by its author Giovanni Sollima together with Andrianov. The opus title illustrates the ancient belief that the bite of the tarantula can only be cured by dancing tarantella the whole day, the theme is partially based on the old southern Italian dance and the music is an eclectic mix of techniques, individually both spectacular and random.

28.11.2016, Pyotr Pospelov


Giovanni Sollima is our contemporary, a cellist and a composer. Sollima is called the Jimi Hendrix of the cello: in his music, he combines all genres, including classical music and rock. If you listen to a modern cello music, be sure to start with his “Violoncelles, vibrez!”. “Antidotum Tarantulae” is a work for two cellos, composed of five parts. It is a mixture of rock, baroque classics, ethnic music, and music of street brass bands. All this eclecticism is surprisingly in harmony in the play.



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