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24 December 2018

In 2018, R.O.C.S., the Russian toothpaste brand, once again became the leader of the pharmaceutical market

On 18 December, the Moscow Leningrad Club hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual National Pharmaceutical Rating in 12 nominations, which included more than 1,300 manufacturers and more than 5,800 brands.
The large-scale NPR award is based on the sales figures of the entire Russian pharmaceutical market. In addition to the best representatives of those providing the country with high-quality medicines, the rating also noted leaders in the production of toothpaste and cosmeceuticals. The award for “Toothpaste Brand” was won by the Russian brand R.O.C.S., for which it is yet another win for several years in a row. 

“Each year, waiting for the results of the rating is accompanied by pleasant excitement for us, because they reflect the current state of the pharmaceutical market in Russia. We are proud that it is the Russian toothpaste brand that still maintains its positions in the industry for several years in a row,” said Svetlana Matelo, head of DRC Group of Companies (R.O.C.S. brand).

270 guests came to congratulate the winners of NPR-2018, among which are top-management of the Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, distributors, heads of pharmacy chains, representatives of government agencies, leading federal and industry media and stars of the Russian show business. 

The national pharmaceutical rating is organized in order to sum up the performance of the pharmaceutical industry for the year and determine the leaders in terms of sales in Russia. The rating is organized by the Russian marketing agency DSM Group.

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18 January 2019
Teeth Whitening Center of Professor Akulovich has opened in the Unident dental clinic on Arbat. Today it is the most advanced Russian center of this kind. It is equipped with the best teeth whitening devices, the cutting edge gadgets for dental photo and color protocol and uses the state-of-the-art technology
9 November 2018
The dental clinic of the Ministry of Defense has reopened after the reconstruction. The renovated medical complex is now a fully equipped multifunctional medical center, capable of handling on its own all tasks related to diagnostics, treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation of patients.
6 November 2018
It seems that digital technologies have begun to enter the dental practice just a while ago... And today we are already completely immersed in the digital era. The 5th Anniversary International Congress of Digital Dentistry Specialists held on 3-4 November 2018 at the Korston Club Hotel Moscow showed that the “digital” is going to stay with us for a good long while.
18 October 2018
The purchase of the new WaterLase laser is an important event for the practitioner both from a financial point of view and in terms of training. For many people process of learning a new technology can be very difficult; sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. The decisive factor for the successful implementation of the laser in your practice — readiness to learn new techniques and openness to new ways of carrying out standard dental procedures with a laser.
3 October 2018
Dental Expo 2018 ― the 44th Moscow International Dental Exhibition took place from 24 to 27 September. One of the biggest key industry shows was held at Crocus Expo Exhibition Center in Moscow. We thank event promoters, partners, and guests who took time to visit our booths. See you at Dental Salon.

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