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6 May 2019

IDS-2019: Four quarters of the globe to visit Cologne.

The fullest collection of the dental progress of the XXI century — from high-precision 3D printers and training programs with augmented and virtual reality till the innovative home care — were demonstrated in the Cologne Exhibition Center.
UNIDENT representatives held a number of working meetings with their long-time partners in Cologne, met the food and technological innovations of the industry and shared their impressions of the event.

The largest sector wide forum International Dental Show (IDS) which was held from 12 to 16 of march became the 38th in order.


IDS-2019 did not present the dental community revolutionary ideas and revelations, but demonstrated a logical development and securement of the existing trends in everyday practice, including those in the field of digital and 3D technologies. According to experts, dentistry is one of the pioneers and bellwethers in the field of 3D printing. According to the experts if currently there is a process of reinterpretation of the existing products then after the year 2020 (meaning it might be presented on the following exhibition in the year 2021) we can expect for innovative breakthroughs.


The head of the X-ray equipment, Georgiy Gabuzov, says of the evolutionary development of UNIDENT: “X-ray generally is a fairly conservative field, since all of the leading changes occurred in the early years of research and development of this method. Currently this equipment is quite complete that the manufacturers are focused on the creation of the available modules with different parameters that each clinic could choose the most suitable instrument by various parameters. It is exciting to witness what comes out of it. Of the exhibition’s newly-designed products the dental computed tomography scanners with generating unit of more than 90 kW which were shown by several companies this year.”

Among the equipment presented by the long-standing partners of the UNIDENT we should note those firstly announced at the IDS-2019. This product line under Castellini trademark was developed by Cefla group of companies and sterilization equipment from the major Chinese manufacturer Siger. The equipment will be available to domestic dentists after passing the marketing registration. The marketing registration for the most compact 3D Computed Tomography Castellini in the world was completed and UNIDENT as the exclusive trademark on the Russian market will present the newly-designed product to the customers.

Head of the X-ray equipment department at UNIDENT

«IDS  is the world's largest platform for meetings with partners and business colleagues, not only with regional representatives, but also with the top management of companies, with their technical experts and developers of new equipment. First of all, we visited Cologne specifically for the purpose of such meetings: we wanted to make sure we are on the same page, to check how correct the last year’s estimates were, and see whether our ideas about the main market trends were being justified. It is pleasant to note that the main estimates were met and our understanding of the market needs does not differ from the point of view of our Western European colleagues. In addition, major manufacturers will present new products  at the IDS, which will soon enter world markets. Factually, this is where the selection product lines of equipment and consumables which will be available to Russian dentists in half-year/year are formed.


Another noticeable trend at IDS-2019 became the ongoing globalization of the market. “Large companies (from transnational corporations to strong regional players) are taking over smaller ones,” says Vladimir Zvyagin, the purchasing director of UNIDENT.
“This is probably due to the fact that modern technologies have already reached a level where it is realistic to develop them further only within the framework of a large enterprise, using all available capabilities and knowledge of specialists from different countries and from various fields.”

Alexander Dzhanhoteli, the head of the department of implantology of UNIDENT, notes the tendency of consolidation: “The process of combining brands, closing the full cycle of services under one brand began a long time ago, but today it is evident. The companies strive to form the shared offer to the clinics so they don’t have to buy materials or equipment somewhere else. In addition, now one brand often seeks to close several price levels, offering the same implants at both low, medium and premium costs levels. ”


purchasing director of Unident

«For exhibitors of large companies, there is practically no chance of not taking part in IDS. If you do not come to Cologne, there is a question: «Where is your place in the industry?» That’s why the leading marketeers are gathering here and this exhibition is the unique chance for all of the visitors to see everything in one place to touch the newly-designed products and have informal communication between with suppliers and customers. We noted that in comparison with the year 2017 we’ve noticed intensive growth of the amount of offers related to digital and 3D−technologies. A plenty of Multi-CAD/CAM-systems and intraoral 3D−scanners have appeared, the industry of materials for 3D printing is being improved, that is, these things are transformed from concepts into real working tools. At the same time, some topics were not developed. For example, at the last fair a lot was discussed about gadgetization — connection of personal mobile devices to personal mobile computing device. Now this function exists in many types of instruments, yet it appears that it doesn’t possess any sort of sufficient value.”


Aside from the introduction of the promising technologies and the premiere production, the IDS attracts visitors by chance to get to know their colleagues, to strengthen the existing partnerships and to establish new professional contacts. This year for the first time among Russian guests there were a lot of not only representatives of supplying companies or employees of the clinics who make decisions on equipment purchases, but also committed practitioners. They were motivated to come to Cologne for the modern technologies and treatment methods because of the growing competition on the dental services market, of the widening of the range of the procedures required by clients (specifically, in the field of the aesthetic stomatology) and of the growth of the patient’s requirements related to the quality of treatment.


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10 May 2019
R.O.C.S. presents a new whitening paste with a unique BIO-formula, which combines everything necessary for the complex enzymatic mineral protection of teeth, comprehensive oral hygiene and beauty of smile. ⠀
29 April 2019
UNIDENT took part in the Dental Salon exhibition, held at Crocus Expo from 22 to 25 April. A wide range of the most high-demand equipment by Russian dentists was presented at several exhibition stands at once. We thank the visitors of our stands for interesting and fruitful communication and present photos from the event.
22 April 2019
At the beginning of the year the exhibition and congress complex "Expograd Yug" in Krasnodar hosted the first extensive industry event - the V South Russian Implantology Conference, the partner of which was UNIDENT. The attention of participants was focused on the actual topic - analog and digital treatment protocols used in modern orthopedic and implant practice.
20 March 2019
The regular open “UNIDENT open” competition for the best doctor among orthodontists and non-orthodontist doctors undergoing residency training in ORTHODONTICS is held by UNIDENT STOMATOLOGY. Winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.
18 January 2019
Teeth Whitening Center of Professor Akulovich has opened in the Unident dental clinic on Arbat. Today it is the most advanced Russian center of this kind. It is equipped with the best teeth whitening devices, the cutting edge gadgets for dental photo and color protocol and uses the state-of-the-art technology

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