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12 May 2015

IDS 2015

The International Dental Show, the largest international dental trade fair was held in Cologne. The dental show was attended by around 140,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The trade fair is the main event of the kind in the dental industry. This was already the 36th trade fair, which closed with a record result ever in terms of scope and scale.

IDS is always expected to shape global trends for the nearest two years. As was noted by specialists, this year the trade fair focused on the creation of an intelligent network linking computerized dentistry components. Today’s world of digital systems that are used for diagnostics and treatment needs comprises comprehensive processes that cover all areas, from dental practices to laboratories. Hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of specialists worldwide are connected to this system. Given the economic situation, IDS high-tech innovations are not expected to have any big impact on the Russian market this year. But many inventions of the world’s leading manufactures will surely find their place in our country. We would like to speak about innovations that in our opinion are most important and practically useful.

The stand of Dental Art, the Italian manufacturer of furniture for dental clinics and dental technical laboratories, traditionally attracts attention by its elegant design. Among its innovations, the company announced its WISH modular cabinet for arranging units with soap dispensers, gloves, masks, rollers, rolls, vacuum cleaners and other necessary items and materials, placing them in a quantity and in an order to meet the specialist’s needs. Also, the company presented new ultra-ergonomic tables for dental technical laboratories, and offered new accessories and options facilitating the work of dental technicians.

In 2007 R.O.C.S. was the first Russian brand presented at IDS. Today, the company is in the top ten largest Russian brands that are international. Of course, also this year the manufacturer came to the trade fair in Cologne with its new products.

As IDS participants could see, CAD/CAM systems are gaining more and more popularity in the dental world. Such systems require very powerful and safe compressors. A new line of Prime compressors was exhibited by MGF. Compressors of this line offer an increased pressure of 10 bar, an extended operational life designed for an ongoing engine performance, and new membrane dryers with cooling systems. MGF engineers made a real breakthrough re-designing a 24 liter compressor casing to reduce the level of noise by 15 dB.

Castellini came at the trade fair with a new dental unit — Puma Eli Ambidextrous. As many know, last year the manufacturer radically re-designed and re-sized the old model of Puma Eli 5 to come up with a new Puma Eli R. This year, Castellini continued updating the unit and exhibited its new model — Ambidextrous, which allows the dentist to switch the unit by using an under-the-chair bracket to a position ideal both for right- and left-handed users. Also, the company exhibited new Silent Power Evo air-turbine handpieces and Gold Speed Evo angled handpieces.

Anthos, the Italian manufacturer of dental units, exhibited two new models – L6 and L9. L6 has been re-designed as compared to its predecessor A6; another new feature is that the dentist’s module with hanging hoses is now on a single-sided support (from under the chair). As compared to the previous model, also L9 has been updated – the re-design concerned the chair (the lower part can be folded) and the single-sided support with hanging hoses.

Italian MyRay, which is incorporated in the Cefla Dental Group and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental equipment, presented its new Hyperion X5 orthopantomograph that in terms of its simplicity and functionality is in line with the best practices.

The main innovation demonstrated by Zhermack at IDS this year was the company’s new logo and updated visual identity. This innovation is only part of a large-scale project on upgrading the brand’s market positioning that specialists will be able to evaluate in the nearest future. The company is going through extensive expansion. Alongside enlarging its brand footprint on the market, Zhermack is enhancing its techniques for communicating with clients all over the world.

At the forum in Cologne, the company sought to focus its clients on Zhermack’s basic values such as innovative approach, accessibility, responsiveness and practical value of products. For the company’s team, these are not just words but the objective reality and the targets to aim at. The company has termed the programme as “a new beginning” and communicated their vision to all clients who visited Zhermack’s stand.


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21 May 2015
The XII annual international conference “The role of communications and corporate media in the strategic business management” took place in April. The Unident TODAY corporate magazine was represented by Marketing and PR Director Yana Klevtsova.
11 May 2015
A dental laser workshop was held in Yekaterinburg. UNIDENT invites the leading laser specialists to deliver regular workshops on various types of laser systems all over Russia. Laser dentistry offers truly unique opportunities; besides, working with modern lasers is quite simple and user-friendly.
4 May 2015
Despite the hard times, we are still actively participating in Russian and foreign dental exhibitions
28 April 2015
The Dental Salon that closed on 23 April was the largest Russian dental forum this year. UNIDENT exhibited a full range of equipment that is designed for clinics and dental technical laboratories and meets the world standards of today and current needs of Russian specialists.
12 March 2015
An exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Serov opened in the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. More than two hundred and fifty paintings, graphics and sculptures selected for the exhibit named “Serov, other than a portrait painter”, make the audience take a fresh look at the artist’s creative development.

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