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18 October 2016

“Glavkosmetika”. Is our unique plant and a special reason to be proud

Text: Svetlana Матеlо
Candidate of Medical Sciences,
Head of the DRC Group

The opening of new production facilities in Russia, especially with an innovative component, is one of the main economic and political priorities in our country. Construction of a new plant is no trivial matter. This is a very time-consuming process that requires patience, courage, certain mental  resolve and material capabilities, as well as confidence in the future and in the success of the business.

The picturesque Lake Udomlya

Currently GLAVKOSMETIKA is the only manufacturing facility in the industry located in the post-Soviet territory that develops its own  R & D system. Domestic location allows us to work effectively with local dentists and use their feedback to help engineers and designers develop new models of toothbrushes and test their efficiency and safety.

The plant is located in an ecologically clean area, in Udomlya, the town in the Northern part of the Tver Oblast, by the watershed between the Baltic and the Caspian sea and between the catchment areas of the Volga and the Neva rivers. It is an area with a large amount of wetlands and a chain of hills forming a forest ridge in the North, on the banks of the lakes of Udomlya and Pesvo connected by a 180−meters-wide channel.

The district’s main industrial component, nuclear power, is represented with Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (98% of the industrial output of the Udomelsky District, 70% of the electric power produced in the Tver Oblast and 2.5% of the oblast’s commercial production).

A long and complicated process of design, construction, and equipment installation took several years. Eventually we have built one of the best and most advanced plants in our industry both nationwide and globally, which has been operating successfully for more than 10 years, undergoing further modifications and equipment modernization.

World’s best experience of constructing similar facilities has been taken into account during the design of the plant. Special attention was paid to the issues of energy saving and environmental protection. For example, the use of a system of expansive windows helped reduce power consumption.

The toothbrush handles are colored using only safe Pigments

Our manufacturing process uses one of the best and safest plastics, PET G, and special monofilament from leading European manufacturers. The main supplier of monofilament for the production of R. O. C. S. toothbrushes is a global leader in this segment, the German company PEDEX. The equipment used for manufacturing R. O. C. S. toothbrushes has been developed and supplied to us as part of an exclusive order by leading German manufacturers such as ARBURG and Zakhoransky.

Our production is certified by world’s leading auditor, the French company Afnor, according to ISO and GMP standards. We have implemented strict hygiene requirements customary for the production of household plastic products. Production processes are automated as much as possible. These factors are particularly important, as our products include those intended for children, and we are the absolute leaders in this segment.

The manufacturing process itself is also one-of-a-kind. We have developed the most effective technological and logistical routes throughout the production sites, allowing for maximum production capacity.

The company always has something special in store for children

Another point of note is the fact that we develop our own color scheme for painting the handles of toothbrushes based on experiments with safe pigments in our own laboratory. Thanks to this, most colors found in the product range of R. O. C. S.  toothbrushes are unique. We also utilize the technology of triple-polishing the bristle tips, which helps prevent mechanical damage to the teeth enamel, dental fillings, and gums.

Plastic materials used in our production meet the international and European standards of quality and safety for use in the manufacture of toothbrushes.

Our plastic products are tested for toxic and microbiological safety, as well as undergo a number of technological tests in the Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery (CRID and MFS).

In November 2014, Russian Dental Association granted to the R.O.C.S. brand its approval marks, including those for toothbrushes for children and adults. We consider this achievement one of the most significant events in the year’s history of the R.O.C.S. brand.

Using best international practices, strict compliance with standards and regulations, and the desire to produce only top quality products make up our philosophy and are the key to our success. After all, today the R.O.C.S. oral hygiene brand and other brands of our company are sold not only in Russia and the CIS, but also worldwide, including England, Japan, Germany, Finland, Turkey, and many other countries.



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