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2 September 2016

Getting ready for a new life

Text: Anna Sherstinova, Anastasiya Golovanova
Photo: The Press Center of Moscow City Government

The overhaul works and re-equipment of the maternity hospital at the City Clinical Hospital No. 52 have been completed in Moscow. This modern and comfortable maternity hospital is now ready to accept up to five thousand patients a year, which is almost two times more than before the repairs..

A Postnatal Department with the wards of joint stay of the mother and the baby

The departments of the maternity hospital meet all modern requirements for carrying out neonatal resuscitation

The history of the hospital, which used to be an independent institution until 2014 and was called Maternity Hospital № 26, extends back about 60 years, and the current overhaul has become the first one for all this time. But now only the facade and stairs have remained from the old building, all the rest, such as lifts, floors, walls, windows, doors, air-ventilation and heating systems, water supply, sewage and wiring have all been replaced. The large-scale reconstruction took about four years.

“Now an obstetric hospital totals 100 beds. The hospital has the whole range of diagnostic and therapeutic help to pregnant women, postnatal women and newborns.

Both the specialists of the hospital, and the level of the equipment will allow us to manage even the most complicated cases, « Maryana Lysenko, the Chief Physician of the City Clinical Hospital No. 52, says.

This refers, for example, to the patients with hematomancy, with diseases of kidneys or being on the partial renal replacement therapy . Also the doctors will be able to nurse children with extremely low body weight, which is up to 500 grams. A neonatal intensive care unit is repaired for this.

The facilities of the hospital were re-equipped according to all modern requirements. 277 units of modern medical equipment have been purchased for them. The supplier’s representatives also organized training for employees in the use of the new devices,» the Chief Physician said.

“The hospital is equipped with quality equipment that meets global standards”, says the Technical Director of the supplier company MedImport Artyom Kravchenko, who oversees the introduction of new technologies in the hospital. Those are padded platforms, units for surgery and artificial lung ventilation, floor stands and a lot of other equipment. It is important that it is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing,” the specialist said. “That is interesting that aesthetics plays an important role in the creation of psychologically comfortable conditions for the stay of patients in a medical facility and this is also the standard of modern treatment.”

The Sterilization Department of the hospital is also well thought out. Usually, it is isolated in a separate building, which serves several buildings of the hospitals. And here its own sterilization center is equipped directly in the hospital. 

Modern equipment allows nursing newborns with extremely low body weight

According to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the hospital opened after the reconstruction has become one of the best in the city.

“As you know, this is the sixth maternity hospital, which has undergone a full renovation. Both the quality of service and the number of patients have increased significantly. I think it will be comfortable in the hospital,” Sergey Sobyanin expressed his hope at the opening of the hospital.

The head of the capital also noted that infant mortality decreased in 28.6%, and maternal mortality in 32.6% over the past year in Moscow due to the measures to improve medical services for mothers and children. Moreover, in 2015 a record number of children appeared in the capital  — 142 thousand.



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