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9 June 2015

Dental Laser Workshop

A workshop on dental laser systems was held in Moscow. The use of laser technologies in the treatment of soft and hard tissues was featured by Yaroslav Filatov, Chief Executive of Laser Smile Clinic.

Already for many years laser technologies have played a fundamental role in dental treatment techniques. As many other areas of medicine, dentistry involves procedures that are much more effective if aided with laser as compared to other techniques. During the workshop that took place in UNIDENT’s new training centre in Moscow, Yaroslav Filatov, a skilled practitioner and a certified Biolase lecturer for application of laser technologies in dentistry, demonstrated that in many cases laser treatment is the only option.

The workshop covered theoretical aspects, where the participants were offered to analyze case reports involving erbium and diode laser therapy, and also practical training. Each participant of the workshop had a chance to try various lasers on biomaterials. The participants of the workshop were also demonstrated treatment techniques used on patients and could see different procedures performed on them. Manipulations performed in the dentist’s room were displayed on a large screen in the lecture hall.

— One or two days are quite enough to learn to use a laser, — says Yaroslav Filatov. – It is not a spaceship or a Formula-1 car. Laser is an ordinary clinical instrument and you just have to master it.

Training focuses on learning the practical aspects of laser dentistry. Modern lasers such as iPluse or Epic by Biolase simplify to the maximum the dentist’s work from the technical point of view. The dentist only has to select a necessary mode. Laser interfaces are no more complicated than in smartphones. According to the lecturer, if a person has got a medical diploma, it means he or she understands how human tissues are composed and how they respond to certain actions or exposures. And this is the basic thing one should understand to master a laser technology.

— I would not categorically say that every clinic needs laser but it is an objective fact that for a number of procedures laser is more effective than other instruments, — says Yaroslav Filatov. – Let’s say, the same root canal sterilization or laser whitening. There are many other whitening techniques but laser whitening is the most comfortable for the patient and pain-free. When it comes to working on soft tissues, there is no other option, of course. No technology can equal laser in this case. That is why, in my opinion, every practitioner who wants to advance professionally should learn to use this instrument, — concludes the specialist.


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20 June 2015
Russia’s largest dental technical laboratory has appeared in Moscow. A truly up-to-date centre is supplied with advanced equipment that significantly reduces the time needed for the execution of orders and assures an ideal quality.
21 May 2015
The XII annual international conference “The role of communications and corporate media in the strategic business management” took place in April. The Unident TODAY corporate magazine was represented by Marketing and PR Director Yana Klevtsova.
12 May 2015
The International Dental Show, the largest international dental trade fair was held in Cologne. The dental show was attended by around 140,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The trade fair is the main event of the kind in the dental industry. This was already the 36th trade fair, which closed with a record result ever in terms of scope and scale.
11 May 2015
A dental laser workshop was held in Yekaterinburg. UNIDENT invites the leading laser specialists to deliver regular workshops on various types of laser systems all over Russia. Laser dentistry offers truly unique opportunities; besides, working with modern lasers is quite simple and user-friendly.
4 May 2015
Despite the hard times, we are still actively participating in Russian and foreign dental exhibitions

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