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5 October 2021

BrainMark Dental Studio: Great Start

The chain of family dental clinics BrainMark Dental Studio from the UNIDENT group of companies was launched in Moscow just over a year ago, under conditions of restrictions and quarantine measures. And in just a year, all four centers of the chain achieved results that some clinics have been going for decades.

  • Own dental laboratory
  •  Professional experience of doctors — from 15 years
  •  High- tech equipment
  •  The most frugal and honest prices in Moscow
  •  Personal manager for the entire treatment cycle
  •  Guarantee for all types of services

Reception of a patient in one of the centers of the chain, metro station «Avtozavodskaya»


BrainMark Dental Studio is primarily a chain of surgical dentistry clinics specializing in dental implantation. This is a team of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in this area. These are four modern centers equipped with advanced diagnostic and hardware equipment, including high-tech CT.

Commercial director of the BrainMark Dental Studio chain

The secret of the new chain success lies in professional specialists, managerial talent and a competent marketing approach. The creators of the BrainMark Dental Studio chain set themselves the task of making high-quality and affordable dentistry for people who faced financial difficulties during the pandemic. And they have successfully completed this task.

“My experience in the dental business  — more than 20 years — has repeatedly confirmed that the crisis is in the heads. Many projects were launched in times of crisis and are working successfully now. It is important to assemble a team, set it up for work, decide on pricing, competently build marketing promotion, — shares the secrets of success Aslan Abzatov, Commercial director of the chain. “Our leading area is implantology, and in this area we have managed to combine high-level medicine with loyal pricing”.

BrainMark Dental Studios are open to everyone, and patients always know how much and what they are paying for. All prices are fixed in the contract, and they are not subject to changes throughout the entire cycle of work with the patient. At the same time, there is no talk of saving. Affordable prices for quality materials and treatment are achieved through the competent work of their dental laboratory and supplies directly from manufacturers.


Implantology today is one of the top 3 current and highly sought dental areas, along with the installation of veneers and orthodontic treatment. This is due to life processes — sooner or later we all lose our teeth.

Medical director of the chain
BrainMark Dental Studio

Removable dentures, as a rule, are not comfortable, they are poorly fixed, especially on the lower jaw, and are mobile when chewing or talking. Implantology allows you to solve both a local problem (with one tooth) and generalized (with the jaw as a whole). It is a reliable and effective method of treatment that fully restores the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

“We present ourselves as a chain for the rehabilitation of patients based on dental implants” — says Timur Omarov, Medical director of the chain. — For a year of work, we have received an excellent result in terms of the number of installed implants — more than 3 thousand. In terms of the number of surgeries performed, we can already compete with larger chain clinics that have been operating for a longer time. This is our first achievement.

Second, we have developed standards for surgical treatment, detailed protocols for each disease, gave doctors a work schedule — and thereby minimized risks and complications. An implant is a serious product, which requires high manufacturability, namely pure biocompatible materials of the correct shape. Careful and scrupulous work is needed to avoid rejection. We keep within the generally accepted rate of complications — up to 1%. As a practicing doctor, I consider this indicator to be very good and from the point of view of doctors' work — there are no mistakes. ”


Four centers of the chain of clinics are located within walking distance from the metro stations Likhobory, Brateevo, Shchelkovskaya and Avtozavodskaya

The team of specialists from BrainMark Dental Studio clinics was formed within the walls of the university clinic of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Responsibility and respect for each patient, the use of our own scientific inventions and the use of modern methods of treatment in world dentistry — these are fundamental principles for daily work of the specialists of the chain of clinics.

BrainMark Dental Studio plans to build capacity (both personnel and professional), develop and improve an intelligent approach to treatment technologies. The level of qualification of the doctors of the chain of clinics allows already now to cope with the most difficult tasks in prosthetics and implantation of teeth on a daily basis, but at the same time they continuously improve their level, undergo training in leading specialized clinics, participate in international conferences, symposia and master classes.


A separate and important task for the future of BrainMark Dental Studio is to expand the range of digital dentistry. Intraoral scanner, 3D modeling software, digital milling cutter, 3D printer provide digital speed, unprecedented accuracy and perfect work result. Innovative technologies make it possible to obtain the greatest effect and maximum aesthetics in the treatment of diseases of the dentoalveolar system. Important components of this approach are comfort during diagnostics and treatment, as well as obtaining a result that will satisfy the patient for many years.


 Ultra modern equipment ensures high-quality results

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