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26 February 2021

BrainMark Dental Studio


UNIDENT Group of Companies has launched a new network of dental clinics in Moscow under the BrainMark Dental Studio brand. Today there are four departments: not far from the Velozavodskaya, Seligerskaya, Borisovo and Shchelkovskaya metro stations, and there are new clinics to be built

The opening of BrainMark Dental Studio fell on the difficult period of the beginning of the pandemic, when enterprises closed one after another, and new restrictions made it difficult for even long-standing medical institutions to work. However, more than 15 years of UNIDENT's experience in the field of dental services made it possible to equip premises, invite highly qualified specialists and establish work in conditions of increased epidemiological alertness.

«Competitive pricing policyis, of course, very important, but what’s more important is the strong team that we managed to assemble”, ​says Aslan Abzatov, Commercial Director of the network. “This is what gives a good work result even in difficult times.»

years ago Unident Group started to work in the field of dentistry

The key task set by the creators of the BrainMark Dental Studio network is ​to make quality dentistry more affordable for those who faced financial difficulties during the pandemic. The technological base and professional contacts of UNIDENT made it possible to combine high-level medicine with loyal pricing.

The main emphasis in the clinics is placed on implantology. Timur Omarov, Chief Implantologist of the Unident Stomatology clinic network, became the network's Medical Director. Contracts with proven suppliers of materials, reliance on large volumes of services provided and optimization of management processes allowed us to maintain high standards and modern UNIDENT technologies, making them more accessible.

Written by: Arina Soboleva
Photo: Denis Kuznetsov

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27 May 2021
The Dental Salon exhibition has convinced us once again: even the most user-friendly and intelligent technologies cannot yet replace face-to-face communication. Not for us, not for our clients and partners. We were glad to welcome the stand visitors, and the work of professional community at this exhibition has pleasantly surprised us.
15 February 2021
An unusual Unipharma pharmacy was opened in Moscow
Fitoteka, a pharmacy of a new format that popularizes herbal medicine, was opened in Moscow Dream Island amusement park. Fitoteka comes from Germany. It was invented and brought to the market by the owner of the Bionorica SE company Prof. Michael Popp. In Moscow it’s being launched on the basis of the Unipharma network of pharmacies.
19 January 2021

It seems that everyone is in search of a brighter and more engaging smile. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, “the tooth whitening industry rakes in over $11 billion annually.” Obviously, there is serious interest in this form of self-improvement.
12 January 2021
Non-standard solutions to help protect yourself during the pandemic.
Nowadays immunity is more important than ever. But it looks as if it gets more and more challenging to strengthen it. Anastasiya Ryabchenko, a Managing Director of “Rosapteka” pharmacy chain, explains what to do not to go crazy with fear, but to take reasonable care of immune protection in the face of the pandemic.
13 October 2020
Congratulations to the winner: a doctor from St. Petersburg Saida Kameneva! It was a great, truly cutting edge event that we consider important to support every year. Fighting the myths about the harm from teeth whitening, talking about the most-up-to-date technologies - all this is currently topical and, of course, is needed in Russia today. We are grateful to Professor Andrey Akulovich and his team for keeping the industry in good condition and advancing its development!

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