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15 February 2021

Acquaint Yourself with Herbal Medicine

Commercial Director of Bionorica LLCAn unusual Unipharma pharmacy was opened in Moscow

Fitoteka, a pharmacy of a new format that popularizes herbal medicine, was opened in Moscow Dream Island amusement park. Fitoteka comes from Germany. It was invented and brought to the market by the owner of the Bionorica SE company Prof. Michael Popp. In Moscow it’s being launched on the basis of the Unipharma network of pharmacies.

In Fitoteka you can not only buy herbal medicines, but also take part in an entertainment and educational program. So, if you want to get to know herbal medicine better, come in here!

How Fitoteka Works

The first thing that strikes you upon entering the pharmacy is ​the interior. It doesn’t even look like a retail outlet. It’s rather a high-tech educational center. Interactive touch screens, futuristic space shuttle-style lighting shelves, kids area with online and offline games. And Fitoteka itself is in the center of everything: a rack with an information console and a display of preparations. This is probably what the pharmacy of the future should look like. A place where health care is an​interesting and exciting experience.

The pride of the program is the staff who works with Fitoteka. To participate in the new format, Unipharma pharmacy workers undergo a phytotherapy course. A trained pharmacist can consult on the topic of treatment with herbal preparations, knows how to explain the principles of herbal medicine, its capacities and benefits, influence on the body.

Fitoteka was created in response to real requests of patients


Developing Industry Together

An important detail: Fitoteka ​is an independent brand, a separate project of the Bionorica SE company. Different manufacturers participate in it in Germany. The same concept is planned for Russia: the partners will jointly support manufacturers of high-quality phytopreparations and develop the industry.

Fitoteka appeared in response to real needs of patients: the desire for environmental friendliness, the desire to reduce the drug load, the need to fight antibiotic resistance… But most importantly, they offer us all the concept of a more conscious and careful attitude to the health.

Herbal medicines are more environmentally friendly. They help reduce the drug load on the body and fight antibiotic resistance

Marketing Director of Unipharma Pharmacy Chain

“At the heart of our concept is ​education through entertainment. We make complex things simple and straightforward. We tell about such a science-intensive field as herbal medicine through the latest media: interactive learning, augmented reality, holographic technologies, everything that can easily enter the consciousness of a modern person. We help people understand what they consume in order for them to do it consciously."

Commercial Director of Bionorica LLC

“The fact that Fitoteka is an educational project is very important for us. And we are very happy to have found like-minded people among the management of the Unipharma pharmacy chain to promote this unique format. Now we are carefully studying the Russian phytomarket: we are looking for manufacturers who will fill Fitoteka’s shelves together with us. And we will work together to popularize the entire herbal medicine segment."

Witten by: Mariana Kapsuletskaia


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