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11 May 2016

Until the victory is final

A long-awaited perinatal center has been opened in Noyabrsk

Text: Polina Povarenkova

Medals are usually given for bravery and courage. And the first happy couple and their newborn baby boy have been awarded with a medal at the recently opened Perinatal Centre in Noyabrsk. It turns out that childbearing is like a battle, where someone’s life is considered a victory.

The Сentre started working in early March and immediately began to claim the status of the best in Russia. The District Perinatal Center in Noyabrsk is a completely new type of medical facility, inside of which a continuous struggle for the health of mothers and babies is already underway on all fronts:  from the preservation and restoration of the reproductive function of women to nursing and treatment of newborns. The four floors of the building housed the consultative-diagnostic, obstetric, gynecological, pediatric units, the unit of fetal surgery and pediatric intensive care, as well as clinical and genetic laboratory.

The perinatal center has been created to meet great challenges. The doctors here not only help to deliver newborns, but also help them survive; the equipment which is designed for simultaneous nursing of 12 babies with low and extremely low birth weight has been installed in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Of course, all means will do in a battle, but a fight with good devices is far more productive. And, according to experts, the medical treatment facility fully meets European standards.

“The technical equipment of the Centre exceeds the requirements regulated by law, “Andrey Weimer, a representative of MedImport Company, which has equipped the facility, says. 

“Here, the doctors have equipment of the highest class allowing them to take care of the babies’ health at the most modern, professional and technological level. It is also focused on the patients’ comfort. For example, the Center in Noyabrsk is equipped with Hill-Rom Affinity birthing beds, which are considered to be the most advanced solution in their field today.”

The purity and sterility of air are taken special care of in the center. There is a unit for disposal of hazardous medical wastes in the basement, and there is separate ventilation with air conditioning and bacterial filters of high purity in operating suites, individual delivery rooms and intensive care wards.

“The space within the center is divided into sterile and non-sterile zones,” Weimer explains. “As to operating suites, all of them are equipped with laminar flow units.”

An individual ward combines the functions of both a prenatal ward and a maternity one.

Affinity, Hill-Rom Birthing Bed

In accordance with the Western concept of childbirth, a woman in the prenatal period and during the childbirth and after it stays in the same “her” bed. The bed can be quickly transformed for a wide range of tasks and stay comfortable for the patient at the same time. It can be controlled both by thepatient and medical staff, for example, one can lower or raise the backrest, simply pressing the button. The bed is even equipped with a built-in player and a radio.

Laminar flow unit is a part of the climate system of an operating suite, which purifies the air to the required degree of sterility, eliminating dust particles or other contaminating elements. These devices, located above the operating table, create a vertical air flow from top to bottom, preventing penetration of the air,  that has already been in contact with walls and floors, into the operation site.

“It is not know-how for modern medical centers, and, nevertheless, there aren’t such systems in many hospitals, especially the old ones.  First of all, of course, because there used to be other standards before,” the specialist of MedImport explains.

As soon as the center was opened, it immediately became known as one of the best in Russia. However, there isn’t any equipment, which is unique to our country in it; similar systems can be found in other hospitals or health care facilities built or reequipped over the past few years. However, a medical center impresses both professionals and visitors.

“The distinguishing feature of the perinatal center, built in Noyabrsk, is particularly as regards the approach to the planning of the whole building, zoning, internal navigation; it creates the impression of a European medical center,” Andrew Weimer says. “Bright colors are used in the design; the rooms are separated from each other not only with walls, but also stylistically. This contributes to a positive atmosphere,” the expert of MedImport says.

The spacious and bright facilities of the center create comfortable atmosphere.

More than thirty doctors and almost a hundred nurses are needed to work in the center. According to the Chief Physician of the hospital Igor Zhukov, many experts, including doctors from Omsk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar Krai are ready and willing to work here.

Perinatal center has solved the most important problems of medical care in the region. It accepts women from all over the South of Yamal, in difficult and rare cases patients from other territories will also be sent into the hospital in Noyabrsk.

The specialists can provide the necessary assistance to women with complicated pregnancy and childbirth in a modern operating block.

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