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11 May 2015

A Laser Workshop in Yekaterinburg

A dental laser workshop was held in Yekaterinburg. UNIDENT invites the leading laser specialists to deliver regular workshops on various types of laser systems all over Russia. Laser dentistry offers truly unique opportunities; besides, working with modern lasers is quite simple and user-friendly. But the simplicity of operation does not mean that specialists do not have to acquire industry-specific knowledge and skills – without such, this unique instrument will lose its value.

In cooperation with INNOVA DENT, UNIDENT organized a dental laser workshop in the European Dental Centre of Yekaterinburg. At the lectures that were delivered as part of the workshop, its participants could learn about basic effects of the laser radiation on different body tissues, the operating principles of various types of laser systems and aspects of the application of laser technologies in dentistry.

The practical training was delivered by lecturer Yaroslav Filatov, who demonstrated performance capabilities of Waterlase iPlus and Epic10 by Biolase. Each participant had a chance to test diode and erbium lasers on biomaterials. The workshop closed with a demonstration surgery on a patient.

The workshop proved that laser is the only option for frenectomy, periodontal pocket treatment, sterilization of root canals, and laser teeth whitening. According to many participants, the workshop completely destroyed the myth of ineffectiveness of lasers in dentistry.

The lecture and the practical training were delivered by Chief Executive of Laser Smile clinic (Samara) Yaroslav Filatov, who is a practising dental therapist, surgeon, orthopedist and implantologist with more than 20 years of work experience and more than 10 years of experience in using dental lasers. Yaroslav Filatov is a certified lecturer of Biolase for application of laser technologies in dentistry and delivers workshops all over Russia. The specialist annually participates in conferences of the World Clinical Laser Institute and takes study tours in private clinics in US and Germany.

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12 May 2015
The International Dental Show, the largest international dental trade fair was held in Cologne. The dental show was attended by around 140,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The trade fair is the main event of the kind in the dental industry. This was already the 36th trade fair, which closed with a record result ever in terms of scope and scale.
4 May 2015
Despite the hard times, we are still actively participating in Russian and foreign dental exhibitions
28 April 2015
The Dental Salon that closed on 23 April was the largest Russian dental forum this year. UNIDENT exhibited a full range of equipment that is designed for clinics and dental technical laboratories and meets the world standards of today and current needs of Russian specialists.
12 March 2015
An exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Serov opened in the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. More than two hundred and fifty paintings, graphics and sculptures selected for the exhibit named “Serov, other than a portrait painter”, make the audience take a fresh look at the artist’s creative development.
9 March 2015
Anthos, world-renowned Italian company, has been the leader in the field of manufacturing of equipment for dental purposes for several decades. A wide range of capabilities, modern design, quality and convenience known to everyone – these are the key values of Anthos.

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