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19 May 2016
The gala awards ceremony of the 11th Innovation Prize took place at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. It is the first time in the history of the competition that the laureates are awarded at a classical museum. This is why Innovation Prize 2015 ceremony can be called a groundbreaking event
11 May 2016
A long-awaited perinatal center has been opened in Noyabrsk. The District Perinatal Center in Noyabrsk is a completely new type of medical facility, inside of which a continuous struggle for the health of mothers and babies is already underway on all fronts: from the preservation and restoration of the reproductive function of women to nursing and treatment of newborns.
03 May 2016
Opera is like a women. Full of life, restive, she always has to be accompanied by her counterpart, the stage play. This is the opinion of the musicologist, opera historian, critic, and and Merited Worker of Arts of Russia Mikhail Muginshtein. In April he presented the third volume of the encyclopedia “World opera Chronicles”, which was published with the support of the cultural charity fund U-Art.
26 February 2016
Morita manufactures top-class equipment known for a high quality proven over decades. The company was established in Japan, in 1916, by Mr. Junichi Morita. Today, Morita is run already by the third generation of its founder’s family. The company’s CEO is Haruo Morita, who, like his predecessors, strives to maintain the corporate traditions, which is known to be of fundamental value in Japan.
18 February 2016
CS 8100 is a compact panoramic X-ray imaging system that offers dentists the most advanced, enhanced radiographic techniques by using one extremely simple and compact system. This system has been developed with the aim to enable dentists to use programs and functions providing for accurate and fast dental diagnostics.
06 February 2016
A new core centre for training and re-training of medical specialists has been opened in Moscow. The centre provides ample opportunities for training, treatment of typical and rare diseases, and exercise in different situations on virtual patients, to enhance the quality of the medical services on the whole and to minimize medical errors.
10 December 2015
The People's Friendship University of Russia hosted the VI International Scientific Conference of Young Researchers with the participation of more than 300 students from all over the world, who are interested in science and are willing to take an active part in the scientific development. Unident that has for many years been participating in scientific programmes of the PFUR Institute for Medicine was a partner of the conference.
02 December 2015
When opening a tube of toothpaste with a mint and chocolate flavour, we look forward to feeling its sweetness and devoting a couple of minutes of our life to enjoy it. But we well understand that mint and chocolate have in fact very little to do with oral care, that the toothpaste contains something else, we don’t know what but what we badly need twice a day.
30 November 2015
Modern dentistry goes hand in hand with beauty medicine. Today, more than even people all over the world think of their health and looks and the standards of the desired esthetic parameters are becoming notably higher. In this situation, in order to meet their patients’ expectations, increasingly more often dentists tend to cooperate with beauty specialists.
23 September 2015
The chain of Unident clinics has opened its own training centre delivering training programmes for all specialists working in the chain’s clinics. Today, Unident incorporates 14 dental clinics and specialized medical centres. The company has many employees and the new training site will provide for continuous professional advancement of practitioners and various medical specialists.

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