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10 March 2017
Normally, gifts at birthday parties are given to the hero of the occasion, but the Unident company decided to prepare a present for patients by opening the doors of yet another - sixteenth - dental center. The new clinic offers everything to make patients feel comfortable, from the cozy interior to the leading-edge equipment
09 March 2017
High quality and affordable professional cosmetic products line that would be a completely Russian development, and would comply with international ISO and GMP standards, is not an ordinary thing. However, that’s the way the FEMEGYL®brand could be characterized. The process of development lasted over three years and in spring 2016 the first batches of products were manufactured.
26 December 2016
Russian media did not ignore the international cello festival — virtually every concert of the program provoked the interest of journalists, and the artistic director and guests of the festival became the heroes of many publications. Let's summarize the reviews
23 December 2016
This fall-winter exhibition season in Moscow museums has seen a grand assortment of vibrant art events. Long queues cannot frighten art lovers keen to view the masterpieces of the Vatican collection or visiting displays from French and Italian museums. Going to an art show has become a fashionable trend, and its followers closely monitor museum programs for updates, booking tickets in advance. The U-ART fund, jointly with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, has created a project that in the list of the winter 2016/17 exhibitions is worthy of a prominent spot - thanks to the concept behind it
19 November 2016
DRC commercial and industrial group of companies is filling a range of new interesting products. The company has launched a line of products for professional esthetic medicine and injective contour plastics under Femegyl brand together with the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology.
17 November 2016
The Unident clinics celebrate the first decade of work. The first Unident clinic opened in Moscow in 2006. Now, in 2016, it became part of a large network comprised of dental clinics and a broad array of other medical centers. Since this is a true anniversary date, we felt obliged to talked with the key company figures without whom, in all fairness, this story would be impossible to imagine.
13 November 2016
The UNIDENT Group enters the pharmaceutical supply market and strikes partnership deals with the world’s leading medicine manufacturers and suppliers. Exploring the new line of business, the group has also launched its own pharmacy chains.
10 November 2016
Building 21 of Botkin Clinical Hospital, the famous medical center’s neuropathological surgery department, has opened its doors again after a complete renovation. The remodeling has made it possible to perform minimal intervention surgical procedures and offer patients more advanced and convenient treatment options.
06 November 2016
Art Patrons Iveta and Tamaz Manasherov Participate in a Pompidou Center’s Project. The collection of Russian art in the P ompidou Center is well-known internationally and includes works by Kandinsky and Malevich, Chagall and Pevzner, Puni and Exter, Bulatov and Kabakov — great names and seminal works all throughout … However, the exhibition entitled “Kollektsia!
18 October 2016
The opening of new production facilities in Russia, especially with an innovative component, is one of the main economic and political priorities in our country. Construction of a new plant is no trivial matter. This is a very time-consuming process that requires patience, courage, certain mental resolve and material capabilities, as well as confidence in the future and in the success of the business.

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