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09 March 2015
Anthos, world-renowned Italian company, has been the leader in the field of manufacturing of equipment for dental purposes for several decades. A wide range of capabilities, modern design, quality and convenience known to everyone – these are the key values of Anthos.
05 March 2015
An exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Serov opened in the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. More than two hundred and fifty paintings, graphics and sculptures selected for the exhibit named “Serov, other than a portrait painter”, make the audience take a fresh look at the artist’s creative development. The exhibition is hosted under the auspices of UNIDENT group of companies and “U-Art: You and Art” fund.
05 February 2015
Lasers are a powerful marketing tool. If a doctor uses lasers, it tells a patient who addressed him that this specialist strives for enhancement of treatment. Of even greater importance is the fact that a laser is an extremely efficient clinical instrument.
16 January 2015
Dear colleagues, please stay focused! It is becoming increasingly commonplace to distribute counterfeit goods under the RC-Preptrademark. The fabricated products have nothing to do with the original ones, and there are no guarantees at all that the use thereof is safe. You can check the authenticity of the purchased goods at our web site
30 December 2014
The UNIDENT team wishes you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!
29 October 2014
Program of the Festival
17 September 2014
In November, in Turkey a regular annual congress of new laser dentistry developments will be held. We invite all specialists interested in clinical application of lasers to take part in one of the most important global events in the industry.
10 September 2014
The Moscow Museum of Modern Arts presents a large-scale retrospective of a master of drawing and painting Vasiliy Ivanovich Schukhaev. UNIDENT and a cultural charity fund U-Art: Art and You are strategic partners of the exhibition.
02 September 2014
On October 16, in Samara a workshop for dental surgeons and implantologists will be organized on concepts of dental arch restoration “All on 4” and “All on 6”. Theory and demo operation including installation of a cutting edge dental prostheses will be delivered by Robert Kizman, member of the European association of implantologists.
23 August 2014
As we have already noted before on several occasions, UNIDENT is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. On the threshold of a new decade, we decided that we need a new page for that stage and created an official corporate page on Facebook. We invite you to join our community — a useful professional resource on technologies and equipment. Sign in now and win a prize!

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