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18 June 2021

3D CT imaging system: the Power of Simplicity

Carestream DENTAL has updated the software for the EVO Edition of the CS 8100 series of 3D CT scanners. The new CT Imaging software of version 8 provides better visualization — the entire anatomy of the jaw is displayed in one image along with a completely new imaging engine.


CS Imaging software of version 8 is a powerful imaging platform that centrally stores and displays all 2D images, 3D images and physician data in one software. This allows to perform complex diagnostics, optimization of treatment processes and simplification of work with clinical cases.

The new software includes a line of technological functions. Thus, the CS MAR filter significantly reduces the number of image defects (metal artifacts resulting from the presence of restorative elements, implants and fillings in the teeth), which often distract and make it difficult to inspect the area of interest. This gives the doctor a clearer view.

The system is also equipped with a unique online tool for comparing and processing image data, which contributes to the correct diagnosis.

All-new ANR technology reduces digital noise while preserving image detail. This feature is ideal for 75−micron resolution scans and improves small details like a lateral canal or crack as well as the perception of cortical bone edge, ligament space and soft tissues.


Regardless of which Evo CT scanner the clinic chooses, each one is supported by version 8 of the CS Imaging software. The CS 8100 3D CT scanner itself is a simple 4−in-1 solution that has already proven itself efficient in the field of general dentistry and endodontics.

This apparatus is ideal for in-house cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), while maximizing your return on investment. Covering a wide range of daily clinical needs, the 3D CT scanner is also the most efficient solution for implantation planning.

The CS 8100 3D SC allows you to perform high quality cephalometric examinations almost instantly. Images are scanned in three seconds (18 x 24 cm side view, fast scan mode) to reduce the risk of motion blur, and fully automated traces are captured in just 10 seconds.

At the same time, to increase the safety of research, the apparatus operates in a mode of reduced radiation doses. According to Carestream Dental, high quality 3D images are achieved with equal or less radiation than a standard panoramic image.

Along with the ease of use due to modern software, the CS 8100 3D CT scanner also features compactness and excellent image quality in all modes.


The CT scanner works jointly with image processing technology for ultra-clear panoramic tomography.



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