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17 November 2016

10th anniversary

The Unident clinics celebrate the first decade of work

Text: Arina Soboleva

The first Unident clinic opened in Moscow in 2006. Now, in 2016, it became part of a large network comprised of dental clinics and a broad array of other medical centers. Since this is a true anniversary date, we felt obliged to talked with the key company figures without whom, in all fairness, this story would be impossible to imagine.

  • 15 clinics in Moscow

  • 92 treatment rooms

  • 10 children’s dentistry offices

  • Company call center

  • 2 cosmetology centers

  • 2 plastic surgery centers

  • Maxillofacial surgery center

  • Training center for physicians

  • Dental laboratory

  • 24−hour clinic with treatment under general anesthesia capability for adults and children

  • 10,000 patients get­ting treatment in the net­work’s clinics per month

  • 800 employees

  • 500 medical personnel


“Solving all patients’ problems from A to Z”

Igor Gavasheli
President of the Unident clinic network

Unident’s distinctive feature is our integrated approach, which makes our network a one-stop provider of solutions to patients’ problems from A to Z. We do not limit our services to dentistry but also specialize in all related fields. For example, when the company began to operate in the field of implantology, it became apparent that we couldn’t do without our own center of maxillofacial surgery and a 24−hour clinic. Simply because we have patients who need this. We have hired strong professionals and now are able to offer comprehensive services in this area. Or another example – to ensure smooth operation of the clinics, we have built the largest dental laboratory in Moscow.

Today we have one of the most extensive dental clinic networks in Russia. And even within such a huge group of companies as UNIDENT, we have become an important unit that promotes advanced technology.


“We make quality dental care affordable”

Dmitry Bykovsky
General Director

Once we have set for ourselves the task of making quality dental care and technology affordable. Working with a Unident Group company that specializes in equipment for clinics, we have access to advanced technology at the best prices. This enables us, in turn, to bring the best value to our patients. As for quality, I find impor tant, among other things, the work we have done on providing legal protection to each patient of our clinics. At Unident, we have developed a comprehensive documentation package to serve this goal. I also think that my colleagues in the medical unit have done a very important job developing treatment standards and regulations. At Unident clinics we use the products of our own work because no other clinic nor the existing federal law can provide the same today. But we hope that the situation will change for the better and are ready to share our experience to this end .


“We set new treatment standards”

Oksana Vereshchagina
Medical Director

We work according to the international treatment standards, and this means each of our physicians adheres to uniform regulations. The clinics have established a “Senior expert service”, involving health care practitioners of the highest level of competence, who strive for continuous improvement of professional skills. With them, it became possible to use the most advanced treatment methods. I believe that the quality of care we can offer is a really important achievement that makes a difference for the industry in general.

When people abandon their dreams, they stop growing. A dream is a look ahead, and I think that anyone, whatever undertaking they are about to start, must not fear the future. We had a common dream and goal, to accomplish a project that would be unlike anything that had been done before. And this commitment has helped us band together and come to what we have now. I see our company’s success not in the fact that we have 15 clinics but in that we really became a one-of-a-kind dental network – like we wanted. This is the accomplishment of our entire team, and I think it’s something to be proud of. Not everyone is ready to sincerely enjoy their success. Perhaps, one of the things in which we are different from other companies is that we are able to appreciate what we have achieved.


“We support young professionals”

Aza Klementyeva
HR Director

Our medical staff is first-rate, and now only about 10% of applicants coming in for a job interview are able to “conquer this summit”. Of course, workforce selection has always been and will be difficult , because the quality of education of job-seeking physicians is not always as high as our requirements. To solve this problem, we have opened a Career Development Center where talented young doctors are always welcome. We attract promising graduate students and offer them the opportunity to walk the ladder from a physician’s assistant to a highly specialized, top-notch health care practitioner. We also have a training center where the Unident staff – and since recently other professionals as well – can improve their skills or learn new ones. In the future we plan to turn the center into a postgraduate education venue, with the idea that it will become yet another source of highly trained workforce for our clinics.


“The Unident clinics are well known in Moscow”

Aslan Abzatov
Advertising Director

Probably many have heard our advertising on the radio or seen on television – we work quite actively on reaching potential customers, so Unident is well-known in Moscow. This helps attract a large number of new patients. But along with increasing the amount of advertising, we are always ready to attend to more people. To make sure that everyone who contacts us – or at least expresses some interest in our services – could get full information, the company has established a dedicated call center and put up a number of websites. Of course, the quality of customer experience is also important, and we control this through a single service not tied to any particular clinic. We pay as much attention to getting feedback from patients and potential customers as we do to advertising.


“We resolve issues in the while-you-wait mode”

Lyudmila Halchevskaya
Executive Director

The work of our entire team has to do with people’s health. On the one hand, ours is, of course, a commercial project, but first and foremost we are a medical institution. In my experience, not all companies in the market are willing to view the benefit of their patients as their No.1 priority. As a physician, I understand full well what may happen if the work of medical institutions isn’t thoroughly organized and streamlined. Over the years of the Unident clinic network’s operation we have implemented a modern process control system, which is extremely important for a large organization like ours. Today, we are monitoring the work of each clinic in real time and are able to solve any problem as quickly as possible. Of course, a lot of effort has been put into it, so, speaking of success, the harder you work, the luckier you get.


The network’s clinics feature distinctly crisp interior design

Hospitals use high-end equipment

Special attention is paid to patients’ comfort

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