17 July 2014

Nikola Tonelli: Quality and Technical Support of Equipment is Our Advantage

Italian manufacturer MyRay is Italian manufacturer MyRay is a part of Cefla group of companies which is one of the leading dental holdings globally. The company manufactures a large scope of visualization systems developed specifically for dentistry. The objective of MyRay is to improve diagnostics, make it more accurate and modern.

At September exhibition Dental Expo in Moscow, the company demonstrated its last developments. We are showing an interview with Nikola Tonelli, Export Director of Cefla Dental Group.

Nikola Tonelli— MyRay is a new brand for us, but it is already well-known in many countries.

— Today MyRay is a key brand of Cefla Dental Group in terms of performance and growth. We put much faith in that area, are actively promoting it, and now its growth is more intensive than that of other brands of our group. Of course, at first it was difficult to market in globally, because MyRay is not so popular as our competitors. But it is a high quality product sold at a reasonable price. Besides, our regional partners provide us much support as we cooperate with them in different countries and together we increase MyRay sales. Let’s say, that we launched a brand in the international market just a few years ago. What used to be a dream for us is now becoming a reality. I can say that currently we have very good performance in South America, in Spain, Portugal, France, Northern Europe, Italy, Germany, we are entering the Japanese market. We are sure that UNIDENT may provide Russian specialists good opportunities of a novel product, and MyRay will be as successful in the Russian market as it is in Europe.

— What is your assessment of the Russian market?

— For Cefla the Russian dental market is very important, it is one of the largest markets in our industry. It is a truly difficult market, to work here we need to consider a lot of nuances. That is why I think that in the Russian market it is particularly important to choose the best possible partner. We know how important Russia is for our company and we take all efforts to achieve high performance. The Russian market is important for all dental units of Cefla, but particularly for MyRay.


I’ve been working in dentistry since 1996. I started my career in this industry when I joined Castellini, where at first I specialized in sales in Italy and then I went to the export department.

My work at Castellini was quite successful, but in nine years I decided that I need to change something, and I went to another company, where I worked at advertising service. But advertising is another world and one year later I happily accepted the offer of Paolo Bussolari from Cefla Dental Group to start off with a clean slate and come back to dentistry. I was responsible for export operations at Cefla and it was not so simple at first, because Cefla has a large brand portfolio, while I used to work with single brands. Now I deal with a few brands of the Group at many regions, namely Central America, South America, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Balkans, and it is very important experience for me.

— There are a lot of companies in the Russian market dealing with X-ray equipment. What are the prospects for MyRay?

— In the markets of many countries we compete with companies stronger then we are, that have very good knowledge of products, and, probably, are more experienced. It is a reality that we faced when we entered the market and we are ready to continue growing in competition with large companies. MyRay sales are increasing globally and it is our own experience which tells us that the key thing is to begin working and the result will not be late in coming. Now we are entering the Russian market and I am sure that we may repeat the positive experience of other countries. As I’ve already mentioned, in Europe we do have very significant growth. I relate it in the first place with the fact that our strength is the quality and technical support of equipment.

— As far as we know, all equipment of MyRay is manufactured in Italy.

— Yes, our manufacturing site is in Italy and we produce there everything, by 100%, and make a real European product. Some parts are purchased in Japan: semiconductor light detectors and some X-ray tubes, but we do purchase them because they are of superior quality. Assembly from beginning to end is performed at our site. I am really proud of that, because in the end we are able to maintain a reasonable price level without compromising quality. We managed to achieve that thanks to good management of internal resources.

As I’ve already mentioned, technical support is a very important aspect for MyRay. It is indeed performed by Italians and in Italy. It may seem that it is not so important, but actually it is a matter of principle. One may sell a product very quickly, while technical support is provided for many years. Besides, we are not jut assembling equipment, we have our own company producing printed wire boards, all electronic components.

radiovisiographs  X-podIt is very important, because it enables us to upgrade equipment and we don’t have to ask anyone about that. This process is also totally under our control.

— What models or equipment are you planning to focus at this year? Which are going to be your bestsellers?

— We would like to launch many technologies in Russia. We focus at panoramic equipment HYPERION X9 and SkyView, at radiovisiographs eXTend and X-pod.

— Where is HYPERION X9 currently marketed?

— It is a new model, but it is already marketed globally. We launched it in the beginning of this year and if it is not yet present at some markets, it is most probably linked to registration process, which is not yet complete. It is a very interesting 3D equipment and in all countries, where sales are performed, we achieve good results. In Russia, we are planning to present it at a September exhibition, which will give us an opportunity to make yet another step forward in this market.

panoramic equipment HYPERION X9 — What special features distinguish Italian made products?

— To be honest, there is nothing specifically “Italian” in our products. We use global innovations, but our engineers like to say that they would like to add something special in the product. It means that we rely on global achievements, but always add something more. That’s where the tablet PC, wi-fi and other elements come from, distinguishing our products from those of other manufacturers. Each MyRay apparatus accumulates established market technologies and something extra. A small stroke, so to say.

— And famous Italian design …

— We never discuss it between us in the company, but indeed, design is a feature that distinguishes us from many others. But for our employees it is a matter of course.

— Please tell about your team. What are your corporate traditions?

— I have to admit, that Celfa is a big family. We have a young team, only managers are senior, but that’s the way it should be. That is why our team is very active, we spend together a part of our off duty hours (not vacation, of course). We have teambuilding activities, even at our working hours or at exhibitions. We find an opportunity to go out, organize a party or a dinner together. It is a good way to spend your free time, leisure. Often it is still work, of course, because in relaxed atmosphere we continue discussing important and topical issues.


I like all dangerous, extreme activities: sky jumping, mountain climbing. I like movement, sports, motorcycling, biking. So, despite my age, I lead an active lifestyle. I try not to stay at home, but to go out as soon as ever I can.

I truly love traveling. It must be the best thing that I know. For the world is really great. Sometimes we forget about that, but the world doesn’t get smaller for that. I enjoy meeting different people, diverse cultures, new countries, new ideas. Sport is yet another way for me to move forward and get closer to something new.

— What are the most interesting projects of MyRay?

— Probably, it is worth saying about our activities in South America, where we cooperate with Universities and radiology community. It is a really important project for us, because now absolutely all key universities of the region are equipped with MyRay — radiographs and scanners. We are engaged in a similar project in Spain, where we are currently equipping the largest universities with our products. I would like to add that we have quite a few interesting projects in different regions at an initial stage. But as it is just a start, it is too early to discuss them, although we are working really hard on them.

— How often do you come to Russia?

— I began working with Russia three years ago and each year I pass more and more time here. We do not try to press on all countries at a time. We prefer to wait while we have a really good partner in a market. We entered the Russian market with UNIDENT and it gives us confidence that we will perform well. I am happy that we managed to find such a partner. For me, besides business communication personal relations matter much, because as we work together, sooner or later we become friends. As my experience shows, when we limit our relations to cash terms, there is no success. Relations must be as personal as it is possible. It is more difficult, for talking about figures is much easier, of course, but figures are figures, let computers deal with them. I think that human relations are the best way to long-term and fruitful business contacts.


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