16 February 2014

Interview with Cefla Managing Director Paolo Bussolari

Cefla Group Cefla Group is one of the best manufacturers of dental equipment in Europe. Cefla Dental Group products are marketed in all areas of dentistry.

Cefla companies produce dental units, radiographs, sterilization equipment and dental tools. The whole process of manufacture of equipment, starting with creation of design and ending with testing of a new product, is performed at the company factories. Globally Cefla Dental Group products are marketed thanks to the best distributors capable of providing technical support at a high level.

Paolo Bussolari

Paolo Bussolari, Managing Director of Cefla Dental Group, Italy

What does the Russian dental market look like today? What is its specific?

Today Russia is one of the most important markets for us thanks to a long-term successful business partnership with UNIDENT group of companies that we cooperate to market Castellini dental units. Now UNIDENT has started working with MyRay to cover the radiographic equipment market. We are happy, because both our companies are ready to invest into this highly potential market.

Do you remember your first visit to Russia? What impressed you most?

For the first time I came to Russia at the end of 1990 for a business trip. At that time, I already worked for Castellini and I remember, that I was very impressed by the size of the country, its market potential that back then was at an intermediate condition but as I’ve already said, it had huge opportunities. I remember that I discovered a country with a culture close to Italian, paying much attention to technologies and aesthetic aspects. I met people who are very much disposed to Italian people; appreciate arts, music, quality goods and good dental units. From professional point of view, my first visit to Russia was a thrilling experience!

What are the key stages in development of your company?

The company was set up in 1932 as a cooperative society specialized on electric, plumbing and heating systems. Today Cefla Group is a leading global diversified company paying much attention to innovations in the field of products and services. By the end of 1990−es Cefla decided to enter the dental market, starting with buying Anthos and Stern Weber.

In the first ten years of the XXI century, the company experienced a significant growth, mainly through acquisition of Castellini in 2007 and successful upgrade of a series of Skema dental units. The same year MyRay emerged, a new trademark in the field of radiography based on successfully implemented technologies that had been purchased earlier. Since then MyRay gained significant experience thanks to development of cone-beam technology, particularly after acquisition of NewTom. Within the last several years, strategic solutions helped us to grow to one of the world leaders in dental equipment.

What countries are most interested in your products?

Initially, we focused on the dental unit markets in Italy, France and Germany and we achieved much success there. Now, there are more and more people interested in our radiographic products in those countries. Besides, other countries, for example Russia, Middle East and USA demonstrate increased interest in our company, enabling us to achieve significant growth.

Among other reasons, the key and the basic reason is that our clients appreciate our scrupulously developed products, their exceptional quality and reliability. Radiographic equipment is also advantageous because it brings together innovations and style embodied in a universal originally designed portfolio meeting the needs of consumers with its simplicity and efficacy.

Currently, we see UNIDENT as a strategic partner that we can continue working with on new projects. We see UNIDENT as a partner providing us a long-term support and cutting edge sales service and technical support.

What factors, in your opinion, helped the company to become the market leader in dozens of countries?

Our company is continuously growing, we carefully follow new trends and new market needs, continuous introduction of innovations. We know very well the significance of teamwork inside the company and with the global supply chain.

Our strong well-organized engaged and skilled R&D team is continuously moving ahead. Our supply chain is customer relations oriented, and it is headed for the future. Besides, cooperation with UNIDENT plays a key role for us. These factors secured our growth despite a long-term economic recession. Today, our global presence is one of our competitive advantages enabling us to go through current economic difficulties, and in certain areas, like radiography, enabling us even to double our sales.

What are the key innovations currently offered by your company?

Support of innovations is our daily concept. For illustration purposes, let’s look at the fact that we reinvest about 7% of our profit into research and development.

Skema 8, the most advanced dental unit of the Skema series is a universal Castellini work station using exclusive technologies, such is a new Full Touch dashboard with a sensory display, with incredible user properties of a tablet. Besides, Full Touch dashboard is based on Linux platform, a new powerful microchip with huge potential of functional innovation, it has a function of full-screen view of images and allows saving user settings and downloading them directly through a USB port.

As for radiographic aspect, MyRay conquered new heights in working with images. Hyperion X9 series is a full range of products offering a new level of dental service, as they allow saving time and increasing the efficacy of surgical treatment.

Innovative X9 unit with cone-beam technology has a modular construction including various options from 2D panoramic imaging to cephalometric analysis and 3D cone-beam tomography with volume scanning of the whole dental arches. The platform is universally available and may be renewed any time, so the key advantage is that it offers a possibility to breakdown investments by a few years.

Hyperion X9 is planned to be launched in the Russian market the next spring, UNIDENT will be exclusive manufacturer’s representative.

How long have you been with the company? What is your area of responsibility?

I’ve been working in dentistry since 1991 and actually I started my career at Castellini. In 2000 I joined Cefla Dental Group, first in the position of Sales and Marketing director, and now I am the Managing Director of the whole Cefla Dental Group.

What professional and personal achievements do you consider the most important?

Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is my family and my children: Nicolas, now 14 years old, and Helena, she is 12 now. In professional life, the key moments of my career were of course joining Cefla and then my appointment to the position of the Managing Director of Cefla Dental Group, a diversified company working with at least seven brands — dental units Castellini, Anthos, Stern Weber and Victor, radiographic equipment MyRay and NewTom, sterilization equipment Mocom. It was not an easy task, but I think this is a very interesting and totally rewarding job.


I’ve been fond of diving for a long time. Thanks to this sports activity, I traveled the globe from my early days. What has it given me? Certainly, it taught me to see the importance of concentration, self-control and to test my own limitations.


I travel a lot, but it does not stand in the way of my family life. I always try to keep balance between my multiple business responsibilities and family to follow my children’s studies and their hobbies. For example, Nicolas, my son, plays basketball and my daughter admires dancing. Helena has been studying classic dance for many years, from the most tender age. She takes lessons of a Russian teacher. I know how much she appreciates it and as it fosters perseverance, I observe its effects in shaping up my daughter’s character.

What would you wish to our readers?

Definitely, I may wish to my readers a long-term commitment to UNIDENT — one of the best and most professional of our global partners. I also wish that you come to Italy. I will be glad to see you in my country and in my company.

And in the end, the best thing I can wish: carry on buying our products, because each product was developed in our strive to perfection, with efforts of professional and qualified team behind it in cooperation with our wonderful partner UNIDENT.

Photo: Paolo Bussolari, Managing Director of Cefla Dental Group, Italy

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